SEC Media Days 2022: Coaches discuss Texas, Oklahoma, league expansion (2023)

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ATLANTA — Texas and Oklahoma join the SEC very soon.At SEC Media Days, SEC expansion was a key discussion point among coaches and media.

"We love you, Texas and Oklahoma. Can't wait for you to come over. We got a great place. I don't know what to tell 'em," Arkansas coach Sam Pittman said this week.

SEC commissioner Greg Sankey said the idea of permanent rivals relating to future scheduling is "under consideration" and the Longhorns and Sooners have been included on league conversations in recent months. However, he did warn Texas and Oklahoma need not be distracted until both officially are SEC members.

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Here's what SEC coaches said about welcoming Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC along with thoughts on further expansion and scheduling.

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Eli Drinkwitz, Missouri

"I'm all for (permanent rivalries with Oklahoma and Texas). I think I said up here earlier that I think the beauty of college football is the rivalries that we have. I think it's the shared traditions and pageantry of the game. I think we got to be careful that we don't miss that or lose that in search of better TV contracts or better TV exposure.

"We're going to lose the basis of who we are. I'm for playing consistent games. I'm for playing consistent opponents, building a consistent level of expectation that these are the teams that you need to beat, these are the teams that you need to be comparing yourself against. When you have a constant rotation, I don't know how you're going to be able to do that. I don't know how you have a basis for comparison."

Mike Leach, Mississippi State

"I think they're kind of already acclimated from the standpoint good teams play as hard as they can and try to improve their skills along the way. So I think they're certainly ready to do that. I think the competition level raised. Then from my standpoint, and I get asked that especially from the Texas and the Oklahoma people, from their standpoint I think it's going to change things quite dramatically.

"From our standpoint, I mean, you guys have us as having the toughest schedule in the country. So that being the case, we can't play everybody. So knock two of those guys off and add OU and Texas, and I probably gained about half a step I would think. I mean, the two most eastern teams in the West are the two Alabama schools, so send them east, and we have to play Texas and OU, and I probably gained a little on that."

Sam Pittman, Arkansas

SEC Media Days 2022: Coaches discuss Texas, Oklahoma, league expansion (1)

"OU, I was a kid, rooted for the Sooners till I moved over to eastern Oklahoma where I became a Razorback fan. Storied football program. We're having recruiting battles with them right now, thank the Lord. Before we couldn't get in the door. But we're having recruiting battles. We are having recruiting battles with Texas. I'm not telling you we're whipping them or anything like that. I'm telling you we're in the conversation. It's so close, you know? You have two storied programs there.

(Video) Texas & Oklahoma or USC & UCLA: Who had the the bigger move? | First Take

But I would tell them what they already know: it's a hell of a league. It's about big people and fast people. Not any different probably than the Big 12. Consistently each week you better have some depth. Those guys are great coaches over there at Texas, Oklahoma. They know that. My jukebox, the most played thing, Stevie Nicks. I don't know her. Jamie didn't hear me say that. But I like her. I think Fleetwood Mac. But, oh, my, I'm listening to a four-song rundown right now. If I can do eight, then come back with the top two, I can get my two-mile walk in. That's what I'm doing right now."

Brian Kelly, LSU

"Well, I think fit is about the ability to run a program at the highest level. I've done it for 32 years. I've had success at Notre Dame, Cincinnati, Central Michigan, wherever I've been. So running a program and then player development, I think those are the most important things.

"I don't think that needs to be geographical in a sense. I've gotten to love where I'm at in Baton Rouge. I love the people. They love football. They love family. They love food. That fits me really well. I guess I should have been in the South all along. I love the fact that Oklahoma and Texas, two great programs, are coming into the SEC. That speaks to Commissioner Sankey and understanding the lay of the land, being proactive and having two great institutions coming into the SEC. We'll be excited when they officially join to have them on the schedule as well."

Lane Kiffin, Ole Miss

"You know, they've been playing in great conferences and against great opponents. I mean, I just say how it is. I don't know that there's a huge jump into the Big Ten. I think going to the SEC is a whole 'nother animal. I think the draft picks, national championships prove that coming out of the SEC.

"I just said, it's a different world. Said it for a long time: the SEC just means more. And it does. It's different, it's ahead of the game. Now, over the last five, ten years, the players started coming that didn't used to come from the Northeast and West Coast very often at all. That transition I feel like started with Alabama especially, and now they're coming to the SEC.

"That's a big challenge. I know everything obviously is about money nowadays or else teams wouldn't be going with playing all over the place, breaking up these awesome traditions. The coaches got to deal with it and get ready for a different world."

(Video) SEC to vote on Texas, Oklahoma admission to league

Shane Beamer, South Carolina

SEC Media Days 2022: Coaches discuss Texas, Oklahoma, league expansion (2)

"(I) spent three years at Oklahoma. Know the talent out there, as well. Understand the dynamics of those programs. The world is a lot smaller nowadays because of social media. We've got some coaches on our staff, besides me, that have ties out there. Our offensive coordinator spent time at Baylor with Matt Rhule. Justin Stepp, who was our wide receivers coach, coached at Arkansas, SMU. I think his wife is a Texas grad, if I'm not mistaken. We have a lot of people with ties out there.

"We actually signed two players from the state of Texas in this year's recruiting class, Peyton Williams and Landon Samson, from Southlake Carroll. That will continue to be an area we can open up because of those schools being in the SEC.

"There's a direct flight from class into Columbia, South Carolina, that recruits can certainly get on. We'll go with their players. We'll always start in South Carolina, but because of some of the things that we're doing on social media and here at our program, there's a lot of buzz and excitement about South Carolina football. I mean, I can't tell you how many text messages I have on my phone right now about that video this morning, whether it be former players bike Stephon Gilmore, or recruits in the 2023 and 2024 class that are commenting on it. There's a lot of great things going on at Carolina. There's a lot of people that want to be a part of that."

Bryan Harsin, Auburn

"Well, they got time. That's one thing. I follow Texas. Just having a chance to coach there, I've always followed that program. I've always appreciated people that were a part of that program, and my time with Mack, being in Austin. I know some of the staff there as well, both staffs really.

"That opportunity, when that comes, they're building their teams. They're figuring out in their own conference right now. They got to win now. That's really what the focus is, I would imagine, for those teams.

"When it comes time, when they enter the league, who knows by then, there could be a few more changes at that point. We don't know that. This thing has changed significantly in a short amount of time. Both those programs are powerful programs. They got a lot of support. Playing in that league, both of those teams, that Red River rivalry, that's a big game. So you understand the passion that each fan base has. We're bringing two really good programs into this conference to be a part of what we're doing here.

(Video) Big 12 Commissioner Brett Yormark speaks on Texas & OU Conference Realignment

Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M

"Well, I think the scheduling model is critical, especially as conferences expand. I think the ability to get everybody to play everybody, because you're talking about a conference champion now, and not being able to play each other and make sure you do when a guy is there in school is going to be critical. And I think conference champions can be determined by now by how the schedule falls. That's never been the case because you always played them all.

"Probably the model of three is much better because it gives you more consistency, helps keep some traditional rivalries. I think that's the one thing we're trying to do in college football. To me it makes college football special, the rivalries of college football, trying to keep as many traditions as you can with the expanding world. Things are inevitable, they're always going to change. If you can keep as much as you can, I think it's great. I think that model will be there."

Nick Saban, Alabama

"Glen, you've been around me for 20 years now, and you know I don't like to answer hypothetical questions, which that could be as hypothetical as any I've ever been asked. I do think there is some tendency, as current events sort of indicate, that mega conferences may be something in the future. It's not my job or my role to understand the dynamics of what's in the best interest of college football, the SEC, other conferences in terms of how they expand.

"But this has always been something that has happened. I know one thing for sure, we have a great league. We made two really positive additions to our league that are going to come online in a few years. I think there's a lot of underlying dynamics from a business standpoint that could impact and affect how this happens, if it does happen in the future.

"But for right now, we have 14 teams in our league for the next couple years. We have some really, really good teams in our league. It's a very competitive league. You got to be on task each and every week that you play. That's kind of what we're trying to stay focused on. That question's probably a better question for Greg Sankey or conference commissioners who maybe are looking at what's in the best interest of their league in the future. I'm sure they would say maybe yes and maybe no. Who knows what those circumstances may have an impact and effect in a positive way on each and every league and on college football in general.

"But I do think if we move toward the mega conference, again, that whole thing about competitive balance is going to be in question. Look, I'm not here to say we should have it or we shouldn't have it. But if we have two 20-team leagues, how is that going to impact all the people that are not in those leagues?"

(Video) Texas & OU still waiting for 2025? | Live from SEC Media Days


Will Texas and Oklahoma join the SEC in 2023? ›

Texas and Oklahoma are set to join the SEC on July 1, 2025, but they could potentially join earlier.

Will Texas and Oklahoma join the SEC before 2025? ›

Texas, Oklahoma Not Planning to Change 2025 Departure from Big 12 for SEC. For now, Texas and Oklahoma have no plans on leaving for the SEC early.

When can Texas and Oklahoma join the SEC? ›

Oklahoma and Texas could be joining the SEC earlier than anticipated. Texas and Oklahoma are set to join the SEC on July 1st, 2025. These are two great athletic programs in huge markets which will be great for the SEC to gain even more exposure than it already has.

How will SEC realign with Texas and Oklahoma? ›

Once the league reaches 16 teams with the additions of Oklahoma and Texas, the SEC will no longer be divided into the Western and Eastern divisions.

Why would the SEC want Texas and Oklahoma? ›

If Texas and OU joined the SEC, the conference could attract higher media fees, given the marketing muscle of the schools in college football and basketball. Texas and OU each reportedly received about $34 million from the Big 12 over the last year.

Who is moving to the SEC in 2025? ›

NEWS | The @SEC Presidents & Chancellors voted unanimously Thursday to extend membership invitations to the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas to join the SEC effective July 1, 2025, with competition to begin in all sports for the 2025-26 academic year.

Who is joining the SEC in 2024? ›

Texas and Oklahoma are leaving for the SEC and set 2024 as the "more realistic target date" for the bombshell exit from the Big 12. Originally, it was expected the two schools would join the SEC in 2025, when the current Big 12 grant of rights expires.

Is the SEC adding more teams? ›

Both conferences will be at 16 institutions each starting the fall of 2024 and both could expand to 20 each by 2026.

Why is Texas leaving the Big 12? ›

Their departure might be arriving sooner than people expected. According to CBS Sports, there are now “active discussions” for the Longhorns and Sooners to leave the Big 12 as the conference engages with TV networks for a new media rights deal. The two programs are slated to join the SEC on July 1, 2025.

Did the SEC ask Texas and Oklahoma join? ›

Both schools have officially requested to join the SEC leading up to a Thursday meeting of SEC presidents where a vote will take place regarding league expansion. Texas and Oklahoma will need 11 of 14 SEC schools to vote for the expansion to happen. It is expected that all 14 SEC schools will vote yes.

How much money does OU make a year? ›

Forbes released its top 25 most valuable college football programs list for 2019, and the Oklahoma Sooners checked in at No. 6 behind Texas A&M, Texas, Michigan, Alabama and Ohio State based on a three-year average revenue of $129 million.

Where is Oklahoma moving to the SEC? ›

After a report came out that Oklahoma and Texas were planning on moving to the SEC in 2024, ESPN Chairman James Pitaro said that the two schools will remain where they are until 2025.

What SEC realignment will look like? ›

Each team would play three rivals annually, plus eight rotating conference foes, for a total of 11 conference games, plus one nonconference game. In such a format, you'd play every conference foe at least once every two years, while maintaining marquee rivalries.

What would SEC pods look like? ›

Under the nine-game scenario with pods, every school would play three teams in their group every season, play two opponents from each of the other three pods and would guarantee to host every SEC program at least once every four seasons.

What will Big 12 divisions look like? ›

The Big 12 will operate without divisions in football next season, when the arrival of Central Florida, Cincinnati, BYU and Houston creates a 14-team conference and ends its current round-robin scheduling framework. Commissioner Brett Yormark held a call with Big 12 schools Tuesday to announce the plan.

Why does Oklahoma want to go to the SEC? ›

Harroz went on to cite the change in television dynamics, the new slew of Name, Image and Likeness legislation, the recruiting landscape and the financial impact of COVID on athletic programs across the country as a few of the many reasons the Sooners are making the move to the SEC.

Will Texas A&M leave SEC? ›

Although they will not leave the conference, there's a clear indication that they will no longer trust the heads running the show in Birmingham, Ala. Texas A&M athletic director Ross Bjork released a statement, saying the 12th Man would welcome all challengers to the SEC.

Who owns the SEC? ›

The SEC is an independent federal agency, established pursuant to the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, headed by a five-member Commission. The Commissioners are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. The President designates one of the Commissioners as the Chairman.

Who is joining the SEC in 2023? ›

The door seems to be shut on an early entrance for the SEC's two newest members Texas and Oklahoma. On Tuesday, the SEC released its 2023 conference football schedule. This isn't atypical of the SEC, but this year's release– and likely next year's– carried extra intrigue.

What two new teams are coming to the SEC? ›

The SEC will soon welcome two of the nation's biggest collegiate athletic brands. Oklahoma and Texas will depart from the Big 12 and join a conference loaded with nationally competitive talent.

What team is trying to get into the SEC? ›

Not too long ago it was announced that Texas A&M will join the Southeastern Conference, effective next July. They are now the 13th team in what is considered to be the premier conference in all of college football. They made this move with the intentions that it will benefit the program down the road.

Will Texas and Oklahoma join the SEC in 2024? ›

The Big 12 will drop from 14 to 12 teams when Oklahoma and Texas leave for the SEC, a move that is scheduled for 2025.

Who will replace Oklahoma and Texas? ›

The four teams that the Big 12 added to replace Texas and Oklahoma as soon as 2023 include the Houston Cougars, Cincinnati Bearcats, UCF Knights, and BYU Cougars.

How will the SEC be split up? ›

The SEC likely will expand to a nine-game conference schedule after growing to 16 teams. The expanded schedule would allow each team to play every team from the opposite division once every four years, which is more frequent than the current interdivision setup. So, what's wrong with eight-team divisions?

Which SEC team has the toughest schedule? ›

Here's a look at the SEC's 10 toughest schedules in 2023 and, our thoughts on each slate.
  • Alabama Crimson Tide. (Photo: Stuart McNair, 247Sports) ...
  • Mississippi State Bulldogs. (Photo: Matt Bush, USA TODAY Sports) ...
  • Texas A&M Aggies. ...
  • Tennessee Volunteers. ...
  • South Carolina Gamecocks. ...
  • Ole Miss Rebels. ...
  • Auburn Tigers. ...
  • LSU Tigers.
21 Sept 2022

Which SEC team has best fans? ›

SEC football fans ranked in Samford University study
TeamEngagement Level
1. LSU21
2. Ole Miss29
3. South Carolina32
4. Texas A&M35
10 more rows

Who is next for SEC expansion? ›

If you consider last summer's announcement that Texas and Oklahoma will bolt the Big 12 for the SEC by 2025 to have been the start of a new round of conference reconfiguration, the other shoe dropped with the recent news that Southern Cal and UCLA plan to join the Big 10.

How much will it cost Texas to leave Big 12? ›

Texas and Oklahoma have maintained they will stay in the Big 12 until 2025, in large part because of the financial penalties the schools would face for leaving early. Each school must pay an $80 million exit fee to leave in 2025; any earlier departure would increase that figure.

How much did Texas A&M pay to leave the Big 12? ›

Texas was able to glue the pieces back together and resuscitate a seemingly dead conference, but it wasn't easy. This latest $12.4 million settlement? That's the Big 12's way of saying, “Just go.”

Why did Nebraska leave the Big 12? ›

A desire for stability in athletics was the primary motivation that led the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to leave the Big 12 to join the Big Ten. At the time of the University' s decision to join the Big Ten, the Big 12 was extremely unstable in terms of its membership.

Does the SEC want Texas? ›

The Presidents and Chancellors of the Southeastern Conference on Thursday voted unanimously today to extend membership invitations to the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas to join the SEC effective July 1, 2025, with competition to begin in all sports for the 2025-26 academic year.

Will Oklahoma be able to compete in the SEC? ›

Oklahoma and Texas will officially begin competing as SEC teams in all sports during the 2025-26 academic year. Oklahoma will bring over 21 varsity athletic teams while Texas will add 20.

Will Texas join SEC West? ›

The Pac-12 and Mountain West ditched divisions for 2022, and the ACC aims to do so by 2023. Oklahoma and Texas will join the SEC by the 2025 season, and that expansion could spark the end of the SEC's division era.

How much is beer at OU Stadium? ›

The 20 oz drinks cost $8.50 and the 16 oz cans cost $8. At Lloyd Noble Center there are four areas one may purchase an alcoholic beverage: Three separate stations on the upper concourse, and one concession stand on the middle concourse on the south side.

Who is the winningest OU football coach? ›

Stoops is the all-time leader in games coached and won, Owen is the all-time leader in years coached, while Riley is the all-time leader in winning percentage. John Harts is, in terms of winning percentage, the worst coach the Sooners have had as he lost the only game he coached.

How much did Bob Stoops make a year at OU? ›

Stoops made $5.55 million in his final full season leading the Sooners. Ahead of the 2021 season, Riley signed an extension that was set to pay him $7.6 million per year through 2025–26. According to USA Today, his buyout was valued at $4.5 million.

Why did Texas A&M move to the SEC? ›

The Ags' move from the Big 12 to the SEC was in part made to escape what they viewed as a regional approach to branding. Jason Cook has stated multiple times while interviewed on TexAgs radio, that the licensing revenue for A&M has gone up 25 percent since joining the SEC.

Is Oklahoma City a good place to retire? ›

Low cost of living

Retirees on a fixed income will enjoy the low cost of living in Oklahoma and watching their hard earned money go further. Groceries, utilities, as well as nonessential costs like eating at restaurants and other forms are entertainment are cheaper in Oklahoma City than in other U.S. metro areas.

Is moving to Oklahoma right for you? ›

If you'd like to live in a state with remarkable weather, where you'll experience all four seasons in a year, moving to Oklahoma is perfect for you. Oklahoma has a robust economy, a booming job market, and a thriving population of millennials, making it one of the best places for startups and investors in the country.

What SEC division will OU and Texas be in? ›

SALT LAKE CITY – When BYU joins the Big 12 Conference on July 1, 2023, they will likely be league mates with Texas and Oklahoma. That's according to SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey. The Longhorns and Sooners are contracted into the Big 12 through their Grant of Rights until June 30, 2025.

What teams will be in the SEC in 2025? ›

Here's how it would look: EAST: Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Auburn, Alabama. WEST: Mississippi, Mississippi State, LSU, Arkansas, Missouri, Texas A&M, Texas, Oklahoma.

Will there be another conference realignment? ›

BYU and UCF are among the many schools on the move in the next few years. The wheels of conference realignment are turning again. If you lost track of all the changes that will be coming in the next few years, I've got you covered.

What will the future of college football look like? ›

CFP officials have indicated those games will be folded into the new 12-team format, joined by four new on-campus first-round games. The 12-team Playoff will be in place in time for the 2026 regular season — and perhaps as early as 2024 if several logistical hurdles can be worked out.

Will FSU join the SEC? ›

Closer to home, the SEC has led the conference expansion charge. However, Commissioner Greg Sankey has said the SEC has no immediate plans to add any more schools. istory has detailed how FSU turned down a lucrative bid to join the SEC 30 years ago, instead opting for the ACC.

What is Winsipedia? ›

Winsipedia - College football database of all-time records, wins, and statistics.

Is the Big 10 getting rid of divisions? ›

Gene Smith: Big Ten In Talks to Eliminate Divisions, Will Schedule Future Conference Games Less Than A Year In Advance. With at least two new teams set to join the Big Ten in 2024, changes are coming to the way the conference schedules games.

What 4 new teams are joining the Big 12? ›

The Big 12 Conference will welcome BYU, Central Florida, Cincinnati, and Houston next year which will give the league 14 teams until Oklahoma and Texas depart for the SEC. On the football side of things, what should we expect the "new Big 12" to look like?

What 3 teams are joining the Big 12? ›

The conference is working on a rotation for a 14-team conference slate that will include new additions BYU, Cincinnati, Houston and UCF as well as Texas and Oklahoma, which have two more seasons in the Big 12 before joining the SEC ahead of the 2025 campaign.

Is Oklahoma moving to the SEC next year? ›

The Longhorns and Sooners are contracted into the Big 12 through their Grant of Rights until June 30, 2025. After that date, the two bell cow brands in the Big 12 will move on to the SEC.

Who will be in the Big 12 in 2023? ›

The league will welcome BYU, UCF, Cincinnati, and Houston on July 1, 2023, and then Texas and Oklahoma are still believed to fulfill their grant of rights through June 30, 2025. That would give BYU two football seasons in the same league as the Longhorns and Sooners.

Who is trying to join the SEC? ›

The SEC will soon welcome two of the nation's biggest collegiate athletic brands. Oklahoma and Texas will depart from the Big 12 and join a conference loaded with nationally competitive talent.

Who is the SEC all time passing leader? ›

Aaron Murray

Could Texas stay in Big 12? ›

Oklahoma and Texas will remain in the Big 12 Conference through the remainder of the league's current grant of rights before departing for the SEC in 2025, Big 12 commissioner Brett Yormark said Tuesday afternoon.

Is Ohio State moving to SEC? ›

Greg Sankey rules out SEC adding schools like Michigan and Ohio State.

How will the SEC look in 2025? ›

By 2025, the Big Ten and SEC each will have at least 16 members, while other conferences fight for survival. Conference growth and evolution are simply part of college football. So, whether the SEC will expand further seems less a question of if and more a matter of when, and with whom?

What new teams are coming to the SEC? ›

The Sooners and Longhorns accepted invitations to join the SEC in 2021, but the move isn't expected to happen for at least two more years. It remains unclear at this point when the schools will officially leave the Big 12.

What two teams coming to the SEC? ›

Now that Texas and Oklahoma are joining the conference in 2025 – or is it 2024, because I've heard both – you have a lot to consider. At least now I understand what 'the SEC: It just means more' is referring to.


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