Salt Lake Bees announce move to Daybreak, plans for new stadium in 2025 (2023)

SALT LAKE CITY — The Salt Lake Bees have announced plans to build a privately funded ballpark in the Daybreak community and leave Utah’s capital after the 2024 season.

An announcement from the team said the Bees will continue to play at Smith’s Ballpark until moving to their “new hive” in South Jordan in 2025.

“The team is grateful for the long-term legacy of baseball in Salt Lake City and for the incredible fans and surrounding community that support the team,” team officials said. “The Larry H. Miller Company is grateful for the leadership of Mayor Mendenhall and her team for engaging with us as we evaluated potential outcomes in this decision. LHM is excited about the future of Salt Lake City and will continue to partner with community leaders to enrich and reimagine the neighborhood surrounding the current stadium.”

Amy J. Hawkins, chair of the Ballpark community council, was devastated to hear that the Bees plan to leave.

A huge blow to Salt Lake City! The @SaltLakeBees are leaving town! Heading to South Jordan’s Daybreak area. @slcmayor announcing a $30,000 contest as to what to do next.

— Dan Rascon (@TVDanRascon) January 17, 2023

“This is my neighborhood. This is my backyard. This hurts. This hurts us. This is our home,” Hawkins said. “Why would we be excited about the Bees leaving? We are the Ballpark neighborhood. That is our name. It’s just such a celebration to see all these families come to the neighborhood. Little kids wearing baseball jerseys. There are so many emotions that happen here.”

Hawkins only hopes what comes next will bring the community together in a big way.

“I hope that whoever would be considering coming to this neighborhood as a new stakeholder sees the grief on our faces and realizes the vacuum that they could fill in this neighborhood and sees that they have a neighborhood ready to embrace somebody ready to do something fantastic in this neighborhood because we want that bad,” she said.

(Video) Salt Lake Bees announce move to Daybreak, plans for new stadium in 2025

Ethan Cisneros, owner of the drink business Thirst, which has a store one block east of the stadium, was shocked.

“It’s a key part of downtown Salt Lake City and it drives a ton of traffic to our store and brings in that family crowd,” he said.

He hopes whatever comes next will continue to be family oriented.

“It’s a little rougher part of town down here so I hope that it’s something that uplifts, it makes it clean and fun,” he said.

We’ll have a new hive in 2025.🐝

For more information, visit:

— Salt Lake Bees (@SaltLakeBees) January 17, 2023

Details, including the new stadium’s location, renderings and surrounding amenities, will be released later this year.

The stadium will be located in South Jordan, within the master-planned Daybreak community. The team said the new ballpark will be built on undeveloped property between Mountain View Corridor and the TRAX line.

(Video) Salt Lake Bees to leave Salt Lake City for Daybreak in South Jordan

South Jordan Mayor Dawn R. Ramsey released a video statement Tuesday afternoon, welcoming the ballpark to the Daybreak community.

“There are many decisions coming as a result of this move. We’re excited to see the future of the 1,300 acres of undeveloped land in the Daybreak community,” Ramsey said. “We are fortunate in South Jordan to have two TRAX stops on the red line with another one planned. Ultimately it was a business decision by the Larry H. Miller Company to move the team to South Jordan, given that decision we will work with them to ensure the project is successful.”

The Larry H. Miller Company, which owns the team, will privately fund the stadium and the Bees’ Triple-A affiliation with the Los Angeles Angels will not change. That affiliation currently runs through 2030.

Construction on the stadium is slated to start later this year.

Some Daybreak residents were excited about a new ballpark in their community.

“I think it’s actually a pretty good idea,” said Royce Davis at a nearby TRAX station. He grew up watching the Bees and the Trappers in downtown Salt Lake City.

“Even when the Minnesota Twins owned them when I was a kid,” he said.

He’s a big baseball fan and likes the fact that the Bees not going too far — in fact, they’re moving closer to where he lives.

“They’re still in the same valley, and they’re still in the city. So within the same metropolitan area,” he said.

(Video) Ballpark neighborhood residents saddened by news of Salt Lake Bees leaving

Davis said he would go to a couple of games a year and doesn’t think the Bees would have a hard time drawing a crowd in this part of the valley.

“Because this area has a lot of families,” Davis said.

The Larry H Miller Company said the new ballpark will serve as a year-round entertainment anchor for the southwest quadrant of Salt Lake County, which continues to grow rapidly.

“I think in the Daybreak area there’s not really too much to do in terms of places to go. So that probably would draw a lot more people out here,” said Seth Beerly.

Most of the residential growth has happened within the last dozen years, and there’s a lot more building going on right now.Beerly said there are plenty of places to live, but not a lot of places to hang out.A ballpark with surrounding activities would help take care of that.

“Having a baseball park right down the street — I think that would be a big attraction,” he said.

And bring more people to South Jordan.He also thought access to TRAX is a plus.

“A lot of people could just catch the train and walk to it,” he said.

History Of Salt Lake Bees, Minor League Baseball In Salt Lake City

(Video) Mendenhall Launches Ballpark Next Project Following Salt Lake Bees' Move to South Jordan

According to the Bees, more than 430,000 fans attended a game in 2022, placing the team in the Top 15 for Minor League Baseball attendance.

Smith’s Ballpark opened as Franklin Quest Field in 1994 with a seating capacity of 15,400, the largest in the PCL. It also hosts the University of Utah’s baseball team.

Smith’s Ballpark is owned by Salt Lake City and was constructed for the Bees, which returned to SLC in 1994 as the Salt Lake Buzz.

Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall held a press conference at Smith’s Ballpark Tuesday morning to address future plans for the site, announcing “Ballpark Next” — “a community-driven creative effort to reimagine and invest in our beloved Ballpark neighborhood.”

“As a parent and a fan, the decision by the Larry H. Miller Company to move the Salt Lake Bees to Daybreak to anchor a long-planned development there is disappointing. But as mayor, I’m confident in our city’s future and the incredible possibilities in store for this neighborhood and the 13 acres that were just unlocked,” Mendenhall said.

“Over the last 20 months, my team and I worked aggressively and creatively to change their minds about moving to Daybreak and to convince them that Smith’s Ballpark is still the best fit for the future. As disappointed as I am that we weren’t able to reverse their course, I am excited about what this move means for the Ballpark neighborhood and our city.”

Mendenhall said she wants the site to be used daily, adding the ballpark was hardly used outside of the Bees’ approximately 75 home games.

“This property will not become an empty pit or a public safety risk,” Mendenhall added. “I refuse to have this site — which has been so full of energy and history — to sit idle when it holds such tremendous opportunity. We’ve been ready to invest in this spot for three years and now that we know, we’re moving forward immediately.”


Are the Salt Lake Bees moving to Daybreak? ›

The Salt Lake Bees are leaving Smith's Ballpark, the team's home for nearly 30 years. They'll be heading to South Jordan's Daybreak community for a new stadium being built by the team's owner, the Larry H. Miller Co.

Where will the new Salt Lake Bees stadium be built? ›

Miller Company will build a baseball stadium in Daybreak, a master-planned community in South Jordan, Utah, for its Triple-A baseball team, the Salt Lake Bees. The privately financed stadium will serve as a year-round entertainment anchor for the fast-growing southwest quadrant of Salt Lake County.

What is the future of Salt Lake Bees? ›

SALT LAKE CITY — The Salt Lake Bees have announced plans to build a privately funded ballpark in the Daybreak community and leave Utah's capital after the 2024 season. An announcement from the team said the Bees will continue to play at Smith's Ballpark until moving to their “new hive” in South Jordan in 2025.

What MLB team owns the Salt Lake Bees? ›

The Salt Lake Bees are a Minor League Baseball team of the Pacific Coast League (PCL) and the Triple-A affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels.

What will happen to Salt Lake Bees stadium? ›

Miller Company will instead build a new Salt Lake Bees ballpark in Daybreak, a master-planned community in South Jordan, Utah. The team's current Smith's Ballpark lease expires in 2024; the new Salt Lake Bees ballpark is set to open for the 2025 season and will be privately financed.

Why are the bees leaving SLC? ›

Minor league baseball's Salt Lake Bees are leaving Utah's capital for new suburban pastures. The Triple-A affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels will leave its decadeslong home in Salt Lake City's Ballpark neighborhood at the end of the 2024 season for a new stadium to be built in South Jordan's Daybreak.

Is Utah getting a pro baseball team? ›

“We would love to have a baseball team,” Gov. Spencer Cox said at a news conference Monday morning, “and I agree that this would be a great place to have a baseball team.” There are no such plans yet, but Cox has made no secret in the past of his desire for a Major League Baseball expansion to include Utah.

What is being built in Salt Lake City? ›

Salt Lake City is reconstructing 300 West from 900 South to 2100 South to replace aging pavement, add missing sections of sidewalk, add new bike lanes, and crosswalks. The City is also planning ahead and adding improvements that support economic development and future growth.

What is the baseball stadium next to Lucas Oil stadium? ›

Victory Field is a minor league ballpark in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana, United States.

Where are bees dying the most in the world? ›

In Europe, Asia and South America, the annual bee die-off lags behind the U.S. decline, but the trend is clear and the response has been more appropriate. In Europe, Rabobank reported that annual European die-offs have reached 30-35 percent and that the colonies-per-hectare count is down 25 percent.

Can you keep bees in Salt Lake City? ›

Bees permitted: common Honeybee (Apis mellifera) at any stage of its life, excluding the African Honeybee (Apis mellifera scutellata) and any hybrids. Hives must have removable frames. Hives must be five (5) feet from property line. Bees must have easy access to water on owner's property.

Will bees make a comeback? ›

Honeybees are coming back after record losses in 2019, a survey of U.S. beekeepers says. The Bee Informed Partnership says this past winter was one of the smallest loss of colonies in 14 years. Researchers credit better management by beekeepers for the resurgence in colonies.

What baseball team does Kevin Costner own? ›

Actor Kevin Costner, whose filmography includes baseball films Bull Durham (1988), Field of Dreams (1989), and For Love of the Game (1999), also had ownership interest in the team.
Lake County Fielders
Team logo Cap insignia
LocationZion, Illinois
BallparkFielders Stadium (2010–2011)
7 more rows

Does Disney own a MLB team? ›

Under Disney's ownership and the leadership of manager Mike Scioscia, the Angels won their first pennant and World Series championship in 2002. In 2005, new owner Arturo Moreno added "Los Angeles" to the team's name.

Who is the owner of the Salt Lake Bees? ›

Miller Company–which still owns the team, despite a management deal with Smith Entertainment Group (owner of the NBA's Utah Jazz and an investor in MLS's Real Salt Lake)–has been noncommittal about a lease extension for the Bees.

Are people still moving to Salt Lake City? ›

Salt Lake City is growing quickly, especially among young professionals. In fact, the state of Utah has become the youngest state in the nation as more young professionals and college grads flock to the Salt Lake region and its many vibrant neighborhoods.

What baseball stadium is next to water? ›

Oracle Park borders the San Francisco Bay, offering amazing views. Many home runs have landed in the water, and fans wait in kayaks near the right-field wall to hopefully catch a ball.

What will happen to Smokies Stadium? ›

The Smokies stadium will be scaled back as developers grapple with unpredictability in material and labor costs, but the project in Knoxville's Old City is still planned to wrap up in time for the 2025 season.

Why are Utah beehives everywhere? ›

Bees symbolize a community that works for the good of the whole. Each bee does its part in providing for the entire swarm. For the people of Utah, the beehive symbolizes the Utah community as each person in Utah works together to support and help one another and to create a successful industry.

Does Utah have the most bees? ›

Utah Has Most Diverse Bee Populations

A new study from Utah State University found that Utah is home to about 900 native species of bees. That means one out of every four bee species in North America is found in the state. It also means Utah has the most diverse bee population on the entire continent.

Why are the bees so aggressive this year? ›

Late summer and early fall, bees, especially yellow jackets, and wasps, become very aggressive because their life cycle is coming to an end. There are not enough resources or food for them to survive, especially as the winter approaches.

What NFL team does Utah root for? ›

Oklahoma: The Kansas City Chiefs, the Dallas Cowboys, or the Houston Texans. Oregon: The Seattle Seahawks, the Oakland Raiders, or the San Francisco 49ers. South Dakota: The Minnesota Vikings. Utah: The Denver Broncos or the Arizona Cardinals.

Is an NFL team moving to Utah? ›

Now, is anything imminent? No. There won't be an announcement in the coming days that the NFL, MLB or NHL are expanding into Utah.

Why Utah doesnt have a NFL team? ›

Con for an NFL team in SLC: No Corporate Headquarters

But Utah does not have headquarters of any of the giant kinds of businesses that sponsor football stadiums. That's what sets Utah apart from some of the smaller metro areas that already have teams.

Why are home prices so high in Salt Lake City? ›

Why is Utah's Housing Market So Hot? Rapid population growth and job growth are the two most important drivers of housing demand in Utah right now. According to local real estate agents, there aren't enough single-family homes to meet the rising housing demand.

Will Salt Lake City get a skyscraper? ›

The Astra Tower in downtown Salt Lake City will feature 40 stories with luxury apartments, and it will overshadow Utah's current tallest building, the Wells Fargo Center. Located at 200 South and State Street, the project is expected to be complete in autumn 20224.

Can you live in Salt Lake City without being Mormon? ›

Not everyone in Salt Lake City is Mormon.

But Salt Lake proper's population is actually less than 50% LDS. People of all religious and non-religious groups call Salt Lake home.

Is Lucas Oil Stadium a done? ›

Lucas Oil Stadium is one of four retractable roof stadiums in the NFL (in total, the retractable roof weighs 5 million pounds!!)

Is there a pool in Lucas Oil Stadium? ›

Lucas Oil Stadium will feature two 50-meter pools—one for competition and the other for warmups—and will hold 30,000 spectators. “When Indianapolis sets its mind to do things like this, we do it,” says Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett. “This venue has a rich history already, since opening just back in 2008.

Will the Lucas Oil Stadium roof be open? ›

Colts owner Jim Irsay tweeted that the roof (and window) would be open. He then tweeted a photo of where the sun would be at kickoff and finally added, "Colts fans, this isn't about sun in eyes or shadows. Both teams deal with the same conditions, inside or out. This is about the fans at the game.

What is the number one killer of bees? ›

Parasites and pests: Varroa mites (Varroa destructor) are essentially a modern honey bee plague. The Varroa mite has been responsible for the deaths of massive numbers of honey bee colonies since its arrival in the United States in 1987.

What kills bees instantly? ›

Bees cannot handle vinegar, causing them to die almost instantaneously after exposure. Simply mixing a solution of strong vinegar and water is all you have to do to get rid of small amounts of bees in your home. If you want to prevent bees from coming back, you might want to set up areas of your house with vinegar.

What is killing all the honey bees? ›

Systemic insecticides like sulfoxaflor make plants toxic to “non-target” insects, like honey bees, contributing heavily to the die-off of colonies. This suit builds on Earthjustice's prior work at the federal and state levels to protect bees and other pollinators.

What time should you avoid bees? ›

Spraying after the sun goes down is the best bet for avoiding bees. They go in to their hives at night, so once the sun sets, you're clear. Keep in mind that other beneficials are still working in the garden after sunset, though.

Do bees like salt water pools? ›

It may surprise you to know that honey bees are attracted to salt water swimming pools. This is most prevalent during times of the year when the nectar flow is not as strong, typically early spring (Feb. - March) or later in the summer (from July on).

How close to a house can you keep bees? ›

But just how close to your house can you put your hive? The general rule is there should be a minimum of 4-feet behind and on either side of the hive, with a minimum of 25-feet of clearance at the entrance – but there's really no cut-and-dry answer for this.

Are bees active before sunrise? ›

The question that kept coming to mind is what time do bees wake up? The gatherers are the bees that wake up the earliest. They are buzzing around just before sunrise. Getting up early for nectar gathering is crucial because the flowers still have dew, and the pollen is still wet.

Are the bees moving? ›

will "continue in its new digs" (SALT LAKE TRIBUNE, 1/17). The Bees' current lease with Smith's Ballpark "expires in fall 2024." The franchise has played its home games at Smith's Ballpark since the ballpark's opening in 1994 (DESERET NEWS, 1/17).

Whats up with the beehives in Utah? ›

For the people of Utah, the beehive symbolizes the Utah community as each person in Utah works together to support and help one another and to create a successful industry. Industry was adopted as Utah's state motto in 1959. It is listed on these statues as well as on Utah's state seal and state flag.

What time of year do bees move? ›

Late spring is swarm season — the time of year when bees reproduce and find new places to build hives. Swarms of bees leave the nest and zoom through the air, hovering on trees, fences and houses, searching for a new home.


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