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  • satellic contract management and billingflexible support forcustomer care and billing services

    To successfully meet customer needs, toll service providers(TSPs) must ensure reliable operation and billing of a variety oftoll services in line with user-specific data. Our Satellic TollingPlatform helps them to do this – by providing a flexible,multi-layer platform

    for managing TSP business processes. Moreover, the platformallows for easy implementation of future requirements such as newproducts or services as well as the integration with externalbusiness partners using web services.

    Web portal for road users

  • www.t-systems.com/satellic

    Activate toll credit worth EUR 5* and register for an accountright away – easy! Simply send a text message to 70021** with:License plate_Code

    or Activate your credit atwww.satellic.com/tolling-platform/csc

    Voucher code: DFJC-6AAAZM-FX4Y

    001* Credits cannot be exchanged for cash and can only be usedin conjunction with the test version. ** Your provider may chargeyou to send text messages.

    customer care application

    The customer care application supports all processes across theentire user contract life cycle. By accessing customer service andbilling procedures via this application, agents can process userrequests from a variety of channels, such as mail, phone, fax oremail. Using the customer care workflow functionality, all requestscan be recorded and dispatched/queued – ensuring they are forwardedto the correct person or organisation for further processing.

    Thanks to automatic reminder and escalation functions, userrequests are processed within set time frames – in line with SLAs.Plus, defined authorisation models mean that only system users withassigned rights are permitted to perform certain tasks.

    Service managementA variety of requests can occur over a servicecontract life cycle, including complaints, information requests orenquiries regarding toll amounts. To effectively manage thesequeries, the platform provides a complaint, incident and servicerequest tracking module. A customisable workflow system supportsflexible request processing in terms of categorisation,prioritisation and guiding – all in line with the correspondingSLAs. This can be integrated into the communication structure ofcall centres, and both emails and letters can be sent directly fromthe application.

    Vehicle registration and managementA central functionality ofthe customer care application is the registration and management ofvehicles. This includes the gathering and validation of vehicleparameters and storage of related scanned registration papers.

    Ordering and pairing of OBUsOn-board units can be ordered insingle quantity or as batch delivery for large amounts. OBUs can bepaired and unpaired by the costumer with registered vehicles duringthe order or return process or to reassign to other vehicles.

    Managing distinct account typesThe customer care applicationfully supports the management of distinct account types. Accountscan be categorised on the basis of payment type such as prepaid orpost-paid accounts, vehicle type as e.g. passenger cars or heavyvehicles and product type (GNSS OBU, DSRC OBU, etc.).

    key features

    Satellic Contract Management and Billing provides services andsupporting platform functionality for:

    ¡ Customer care application

    ¡ Customer self-service portal

    ¡ Business Partner API and web portal

    ¡ Prepayment service (optional voucher-based)

    ¡ Point of sale/service (POS)

    ¡ Customer Billing application

    Overview of registered vehicles

    Prepayment voucher (example)

  • customer self-service portal

    The customer self-service portal is a web platform that providesa convenient way for customers to maintain registration data(vehicle and/or user data), assign OBUs to registered vehicles,book toll services and update payment channels. Moreover, it allowsusers to view electronic invoices or payment history, displaycurrent charges, visualise driven journeys (only on request), andview registered vehicles and assigned OBUs.

    In connection with the prepayment service, the customerself-service portal includes specific functions that enablecustomers to top-up their prepaid credit and view their top-uphistory. What’s more, it supports direct communication with thetoll service provider, for example in the case of loss or theft ofon-board equipment, or technical problems. The customerself-service portal can be easily integrated into the TSP’swebsite, including single sign-on functionality and access tocustomer data via standard web technologies.

    business partner api and web portal

    Satellic Contract Management supports the integration withexternal business partners using modern web service and cloudtechnology. According to their assigned rights and roles, businesspartners can use various contract management functions such asregistering customers and vehicles, ordering OBUs, etc. This allowsToll Service Provider easy collaboration with e.g. operators oflarge fleets or distribution partners. The Business Partner Portalprovides the same functions via a web portal.

    prepayment service

    For customers who prefer to pay for toll services in advance,the prepayment service provides flexible, easy-to-use functions. Itincludes:

    ¡ Prepayment selection option during vehicle and/or userregistration

    ¡ Customers with multiple registered vehicles can choose thepayment method for each OBU assigned to a vehicle

    ¡ Management of prepaid account balance limits

    ¡ Notifications sent to road users once a predefined accountbalance limit is reached (via OBU HMI and optionally SMS oremail)

    ¡ Support for a range of payment channels when topping up aprepaid account, e.g. a customer self-service web portal plusmobile view for smartphones and SMS

    ¡ Support for prepayments via bank transfer, internet payment orprepayment top-up vouchers

    ¡ Management of prepayment top-up vouchers

    Overview of vehicle related top-up payments

    Recent routes and real-time monitoring (value-added service)

  • Overview of invoices and current charges

    point of sale/service (pos)

    The integrated point of sale/service application supports quickand easy vehicle and/or customer registration and OBUpersonalisation at local TSP sites, such as contact points, OBUdistribution points or OBU installation and support centres. ThePOS application is completely integrated into the central customerservice workflow and accessible via a secure internet connection.Activities can be processed directly at the local site, withoutneeding to involve the central customer care organisation.

    Functions include:

    ¡ Vehicle and/or user registration

    ¡ Pair OBUs to registered vehicles

    ¡ Payment management (deposits, deposit refunds, tolls,reimbursement of unused toll prepayments)

    ¡ Information about account balances, statements, current andpast toll transaction data

    ¡ OBU management in case of theft, loss or technical problems.OBUs can be set to “disabled” in the system – this sends a requestto the OBU that stops the device from functioning

    ¡ Support for exchanging defective OBUs, and personalisation andactivation of OBUs

    customer billing application

    This service platform delivers an integrated billing applicationthat supports rapid billing, invoicing and reimbursement processesfor toll service providers. The key functions are:

    ¡ Maintaining customer accounts, monitoring account balances

    ¡ Maintaining accounts per vehicle/OBU (option)

    ¡ Issuing toll domain-specific invoices, detailed statements andother customer-related documents

    ¡ Sending invoices, monitoring outstanding accounts

    ¡ Processing and integrating a variety of payment methods (banktransfers, direct debit, credit, fuel and fleet, card payments)

    ¡ Processing electronic bank statements and transfer orders

    ¡ Managing deposits for OBUs and accessories

    ¡ Processing prepayment top-up transactions (optionalvoucher-based)

    ¡ Disburse toll revenues to multiple toll domain owners

    ¡ Generate reports (internal and for toll domain owners)

    ¡ Completeness, accuracy and stability of billing canbecontinuously monitored and shown for external proof.

    POS machine “Satellomat”


    T‐Systems International GmbH Hahnstraße 43 d 60528 Frankfurt amMainGermany


    T‐Systems International GmbHPublic Sector & HealthcareSatellic Tolling Competence[emailprotected]/satellic




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