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Oklahomans looking to travel across the world will need a U.S. passport before they depart on their journey. A passport is an official federal travel document that will include their photograph, name, date of birth and their Oklahoma address.

All passports come with blank pages for visas, which authorize travel between different nations. Passports are valid for a maximum of 10 years in order to maintain accurate photographs and information for citizens.

International travel from America is impossible without a U.S. passport. Whether you are traveling by land, sea or air, a valid passport is a necessity.

In addition to traveling privileges, you will be granted access to U.S. embassies, consular services and assistance while you are abroad. Once you have completed your journey, your passport will allow you to re-enter the United States.

Where to Get a Passport in Oklahoma

If you are getting a new passport in Oklahoma, you can submit your passport application at one of the hundreds of acceptance facilities in the state. Tulsa and Oklahoma City have the greatest concentration of locations, so if you live in these cities it will not be too difficult to find a nearby passport office.

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A majority of passport acceptance facilities are found at post offices, county clerk offices and other similar government facilities. Most of the passport facilities in Oklahoma have set business hours and they may also require you to schedule an appointment.

In order to find the most convenient passport office for you, call ahead and find a location that offers appointment times that work for your schedule. Some locations offer passport photo services for applicants who have not taken a color photo to use on their new passport. Due to the additional services provided at some facilities, wait times may differ between locations.

Oklahoma Passport Books vs. Cards

Residents of Oklahoma have the option to apply for either a passport book or a passport card, depending on their travel purposes. A passport book is a small navy-blue booklet with the U.S. seal on the front cover.

Passports contain information about a citizen’s identity such as their name, date of birth and their U.S. address. Passport books also contain empty pages intended for visa stamps, which are required for most international travel.

A U.S. passport card is a small, plastic card that contains the same identifying information as a passport book. However, passport cards have a more limited use than standard booklets.

For example, a passport card is not accepted for international air travel. Their primary use comes during land and sea travels between the United States, Mexico, Canada, Bermuda and the Caribbean. Oklahoma residents going on this type of trip may choose to obtain a card because a passport card cost less than a passport book.

How to Get a Passport in Oklahoma

The only eligibility requirements to obtain a U.S. passport in Oklahoma is to be a citizen or national of the United States. Since passports are handled federally by the U.S. Department of State, the requirements are standard across the country.

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Application Methods

In Oklahoma, if you meet certain application criteria, you are required to apply for a U.S. passport in person at a passport acceptance facility. You must submit your application in person if any of the following apply to you:

  • You are applying for your first passport.
  • You are replacing an illegible, damaged or lost passport.
  • You are younger than 16 years old.
  • You were issued your last passport when you were younger than 16 years old.
  • You were issued your last passport over 15 years ago.

Applications for a passport replacement, renewal or a passport card must be mailed to a National Passport Information Center.

Required Documents for a Passport Application

Once you have scheduled an appointment or set aside some time to walk-in to a passport office, you want to ensure that you have collected all of the necessary documents. The documents you will need when you visit your local passport acceptance facility include:

  • The completed application
  • A document that proves your citizenship
  • An acceptable photo ID (e.g. a driver’s license)
  • A color passport photo
  • Payment for the processing fees

Child passport applications require additional documents for safety purposes. If you are applying for a child, you must provide proof of relationship to the child and both parents must appear in person. If a parent cannot appear in person, they must provide a signed consent form to be submitted along with the application.

U.S. Passport Renewals in Oklahoma

In order to renew a U.S. passport in Oklahoma, you are required to complete a mailed application. You must also still have your most recent passport available and it must be:

  • Issued in your current name.
  • Issued within the last 15 years.
  • Issued when you were 16 years or older.
  • Undamaged besides regular wear.

To complete your U.S. passport renewal, you must enclose your current passport along with the appropriate renewal form, a color photo and your payment for the renewal fees in a secure envelope. Your application must be mailed to a National Passport Processing Center to complete the process.

How to Replace a Lost Passport in Oklahoma

A damaged passport will not be accepted and must be replaced if you want to travel internationally. This also applies for a lost or stolen passport. To get a replacement, you must apply in person at a passport acceptance facility.

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If your passport is lost or stolen, it is essential that you file an official report to protect yourself from identity theft. Passports that have been reported as misplaced will no longer be valid for use during international travel. You can submit a report through the following methods:

  • Online using the U.S. Department of State’s website.
  • Via mail by printing, filling out and signing a lost passport form.
  • Through the phone by calling the National Passport Information Center.

How to Complete a Passport Update in Oklahoma

After a marriage or divorce, you might need a passport name change to update your information. Depending on your unique circumstances, the update process might differ. If you are:

  1. Requesting the change less than one year after your passport was issued, you can complete an application for a name change and receive an updated passport without any fees.
  2. Requesting the change over one year after your passport was issued, you must apply in person and provide your certified name change documents.
  3. Currently using a different name but cannot record the change with a certified document, you must submit three certified records that show you have used the new name for at least five years. You must also have other people vouch for your name change. Two people who have known you by both names may have to complete and sign an affidavit form.

Note: Passports with printing or data errors can also be submitted for an update. If your passport was issued with a data or printing error, you can have it corrected at no charge if the passport is still valid.

Oklahoma Expedited Passport Service

If you need to obtain your U.S. passport in a hurry, you can choose to expedite your application. Typically, expedited service is an additional fee of at least $60. The three different methods of expedited passport services include:

  • A standard passport application – You can opt for the expedited service for both applications by mail and in person, and you will usually receive your passport in less than four weeks.
  • Urgent travel plans – Make an appointment at your nearest passport agency (Denver, Dallas and Hot Springs offices are nearest to Oklahoma) and submit a request. You will usually receive your passport within two weeks.
  • Life-or-death emergencies – If you must travel internationally within 72 hours, you can call the National Passport Information Center and ask for their emergency passport service. You must provide proof of the emergency in addition to the usual passport application You will receive your passport within one to two days.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.

  • FAQs

    Why does my passport keep getting denied? ›

    The principal law enforcement reasons for passport denial are a valid unsealed federal warrant of arrest, a federal or state criminal court order, a condition of parole or probation forbidding departure from the United States (or the jurisdiction of the court), or a request for extradition.

    What is the fastest way to get a passport in Oklahoma? ›

    The quickest passport service can be obtained by going to a regional office. You will need to make an appointment at the regional office. Call the national Passport information Center at 1-877-487-2778 for an appointment. You can obtain your passport in as little as 24 hours.

    Can a felon get a passport? ›

    According to USA Today, most felons can get a passport without a problem. This is assuming a person is not currently awaiting trial, on probation or parole or otherwise banned from leaving the country.

    What happens if you fill all the pages in your passport? ›

    Whether you have the jumbo passport or not, if you run out of blank pages for stamps the only option is to purchase a new passport. Everyone should have at least two blank pages when they travel to allow plenty of room, and if you don't have this, your passport could become invalid.

    On what grounds can you be refused a passport? ›

    Missing Documents

    The most common reason for a passport being denied is the failure to submit the necessary documents. An Indian passport is denied when the applicant is unable to prove his/her citizenship. So the most important documents you need to submit are the ones that prove your national identity.

    Do you get a refund if your passport is denied? ›

    Answer: The U.S. Department of State does not refund passport application and execution fees for applicants whose application for a passport was denied. The only fee that may be refunded is the expedite passport fee and that is on a case-by-case basis.

    How long does it take to get a passport in the state of Oklahoma? ›

    Oklahoma Passport Offices for Standard Passport Services

    Routine processing at the post office or county clerk is 6-8 weeks at any one of the 84 passport acceptance facilities throughout the state. For an additional $60, there is a 3-week expediting option available.

    How much do passports cost in Oklahoma? ›

    Expedited Service Applications for Passport Books
    AgePassport FeeExpedited Fee
    Age 16 and Over$130.00$60.00
    Age 15 and Under$100.00$60.00

    Do you need a passport for a cruise? ›

    The United States does not require you to have a passport. (A Consular report of Birth Abroad issued by the Department of State or a Certificate of Naturalization is also acceptable.)

    What countries can felons not travel to? ›

    Here is a list of countries that don't allow convicted felons to enter:
    • Argentina.
    • Australia.
    • Canada.
    • China.
    • Cuba.
    • India.
    • Iran.
    • Israel.

    Can a convicted felon go to Jamaica? ›

    Visit the Embassy of Jamaica web site for the most current visa information. Jamaican law prohibits entry by all persons convicted of a felony and still under community supervision.

    How long does a felony stay on your record? ›

    If the person was 18 years of age or older at the time of the offense (i.e. legally considered to be an adult), then the conviction will be expunged from their record 11 years after the conviction date (not the offense date).

    Why is getting a passport so difficult? ›

    Due to increased demand, a shortage of appointments and delays with the U.S. Post Service, the State Department now says that those applying for a new or renewed passport should expect to wait up to 18 weeks for their document.

    Why would a passport be flagged? ›

    If a passport is "flagged" the port of entry agent is to always conduct a secondary inspection. It means that there does not have to be probable case or a randum seach set up - both done because of civil liberties suits.

    Can you get a passport if you have debt collections? ›

    If you have been certified to the Department of State by the Secretary of the Treasury as having a seriously delinquent tax debt, you cannot be issued a U.S. passport and your current U.S. passport may be revoked.

    What can stop you from getting a Canadian passport? ›

    1. travel documents 6;
    2. providing false or misleading information to any government agencies, including on passport applications;
    3. smuggling, trafficking, kidnapping and abduction;
    4. sexual offences against children;
    5. terrorist activities;
    6. violent crimes 7;
    7. crimes against humanity/war crimes/genocide;
    Jan 20, 2020


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