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“A big thank you to everyone at Noel’s caravans. We collected our new caravan today and we are delighted with our purchase. The staff at Noel’s made it so easy from start to finish. They made sure everything went like clock work. So a big thank you, everyone.”

Samantha Costello Wufka

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“Whopping big thank you to Noel, Vince and staff for all you’ve done following the folding of one of the caravan builders to get us on the road with a new van. We appreciate the stress you were put under as we were also under stress. In the end all worked out beautifully and we were able to continue with our planned holiday. Once again many thanks for your persistence and understanding.”

Heather and Lyall Todd

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“Fantastic and easy to do business with. Exceptional advice made sure we had everything we needed and didn’t look to add to price. Great after sales service, go the extra mile.”


Escape - Noel's Caravans (3)

“The staff were so helpful and patient. We must have looked through every van at least 3 times. Naomi ran around giving us cold water on a very hot day. We can’t wait to take our new van for its first adventure. Thankyou Noel, Naomi and Vince.”

Julie Savage

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What a fantastic company to deal with. The whole staff are so very helpful, nothing was too much for them. We are so happy we decided to have a look at Noel's.....we found our dream van, then the customer service that came with it was unreal. THANK YOU ALL!

Darrell & Junene Bristow

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Just a short note to say how happy we are with our van. The service was excellent from the time we walked in the gate. Thank you so much for your service.

Vicki & Bruce Watchman

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We recently purchased our off road caravan and we wanted to say thank you to everyone we really love our new caravan and are so pleased we decided to select an Island Star. We would highly recommend Noels Caravans to anyone, we actually already have been. Thank you to everyone at Noels Caravans

Jackie & Kym Hayward

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"Love our new van and cant fault the service, everyone there has been wonderful. Highly recommend Noels Caravans. Special thanks to Vince & Naomi"

Gayle Orchison

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"My wife and I have recently picked up our new caravan (Extreme). We are over the moon with it, being new to caravaning we are so happy we purchased from Noel's. Vince made it a pleasant experience when making such an important purchase. We are looking forward to our first trip away to the Finders Rangers for a couple of days next month........ Thank you"


Escape - Noel's Caravans (9)

"Definitely recommend Noel's Caravans to anyone thinking of buying a van. The service pre and post purchase could'nt be faulted and we love our Island Star Extreme

Kris Muller

Escape - Noel's Caravans (10)

Just a quick note to tell you how great we think our Island Star Getaway is. We have just returned home after 5 months and 10,000km. The van is great to live in, no other van we saw this size rivalled the island star for looks, set up or quality. Towed up and down hills brilliantly. We can only recommend them to other caravaner's

Leon & Fiona Fox

Escape - Noel's Caravans (11)

To all the staff of Noel’s Caravans.A sincere thanks to you all for your assistance in getting me into an awesome caravan at such short notice due to my circumstances.Professional and old-fashioned friendly service. I certainly be recommending your business to others.

John Harradine

Escape - Noel's Caravans (12)

We have recently bought a Island Star 21 ft 6 in Extreme caravan from Noels caravans. Our entire experience with every one we have dealt with has been a most enjoyable journey right through from when we first walked into Noels caravans. The sales people to finance people to office staff to work shop people have all been very friendly and helpful and it is very clear to see that their commitment to the great product they are selling is genuine. If you are looking for a great caravan from a great team with great back up service facilities we would recommend you look no further than Noels caravans.

Harry & Annie

Escape - Noel's Caravans (13)

The design layout is a gem, engineering and design is great which adds to the whole appeal and functioning.Practicality and sense of style is second to none. Thank you very much for your friendly and courteous service which is very much appreciated.

Tom & Kerry

Escape - Noel's Caravans (14)

The van as it has been excellent.We have used it in caravan parks, national parks and there were nil issues.The batteries, solar panels supplied more than enough power.The van is solid and comfortable. It has travelled over sealed and unsealed roads with nil issues.Very happy with the van.

Silvano & Kym

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“We recently picked up our magnificent new Island Star Getaway from Noel’s Caravans and are very happy with the whole experience. The very knowledgeable team at Noels are great to deal with and certainly know their stuff when it comes to caravans. They took all the stress out of a big financial purchase and made us feel at ease, nothing was too much trouble. A big thanks to Naomi, Vince and Christine for building and supplying us with a great looking, quality built caravan. We would certainly recommend this business to anyone.”

Jeff Knowles

Escape - Noel's Caravans (16)

“Well there's not enough praise I can give the guys and girls at noels. They are the most considerate patient people out. And then knowing our situation spent time to take me for a drive and help me to understand the driving aspect. We love our van!!! We shopped around all over Adelaide prior to choosing noels and no one treat us with more respect and understanding definitely recommend you to anyone….THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH”

Deb & Shane Hillman

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“Picked our brand new van up late April this year. Did an 8 week trip up north and the van didn’t miss a beat. Had a couple of very minor issues that needed to be adjusted and Noel’s fixed everything very quickly. Cannot fault the entire team at Noel’s as the customer service and after sales service is impeccable. Have highly recommended them to all my friends and would not hesitate to do business with them again. Thanks Noel’s”

C Goulding

Escape - Noel's Caravans (18)

“After searching the whole country, we finally found the one at Noels’ Caravans, we picked up our Island Star Getaway, with exceptional workmanship and attention to detail and most importantly the towing capacity which was crucial for our Pajero 2.5 towing limit. Including everything we wanted on it, with the addition of Satellite receiver, Solar panel, Weber storage box, Outside shower, Inverter power points, and many more extras, with the five star luxury and conveniences for the wife. The whole experience from the first day when we arrived in the yard to the day of hand over when we left with our van, we could not have expected any more, 100% commitment to us as a client. Vince, Naomi, Christine and the WHOLE team at Noels were an absolute pleasure to do business with. You would be disappointed if you went anywhere else. We will be back when the time is to upgrade again.”

J & C Flood

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“Our second Island Star bought here is an absolute delight to travel with, just like having your own 5 star motel coming along with you. We designed and had this one built. Great friendly service given by staff who are caravan people themselves and understand what you want and go out of there way to make sure you’re happy. If we ever buy another we will be straight back to Noel’s.”

M Flavel

Escape - Noel's Caravans (20)

“We spent a great deal of time researching, talking to people and visiting caravan sales yards. When visiting Noel’s Caravans, it was obvious we were talking to passionate people whose knowledge of caravans and caravanning was second to none. From the outset there was no pressure put on us, instead Vince and Naomi were more focussed on ensuring we were happy with our choice rather than them securing a sale. Having now been on a couple of small trips we have decided that there is nothing more we require in a caravan, it is comfortable, the layout is well thought through and more importantly practical in design. There were a couple of minor things we found that needed attention. One phone call to Noel’s Caravans and arrangements were promptly made for us to have them seen too. We were a little tentative when discussing some of the issues, thinking we may have been a little pedantic, but we were soon reassured all the issues would be corrected. In our opinion the sale and after sales service we received at Noel’s Caravans has been exceptional. The staff could not have done any more to ensure we were completely satisfied with our purchase and Helen and I are happy to say we would highly recommend them to anyone considering the purchase of a caravan.”

Paul & Helen Maschgan

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We have just purchased our first brand new Island Star Extreme caravan.We had been looking around everywhere at other brands. But we kept going back to Noels as their caravans had custom items that other brands did not offer.We would like to thank all the staff at Noels for all their help.Especially Vince, he wasn't a pushy salesperson at all and he always had time for all our questions. No matter how many times we kept going back.And a big thank you to Naomi who was very efficient and very helpful in the final order.Everything we asked for we received.Thanks again guys!!

Cheryl & Rob

Escape - Noel's Caravans (22)

David and I would sincerely like to thank you all for the valued service and advice given, firstly when looking to buy our new caravan and then to follow through with ordering our new van. We were given as much time as we needed to be able to make our final decision on where to buy our new caravan. Vince and Naomi gave us valued advice of things to be aware of when buying and were patient and understanding with our questions and so knowledgeable in every aspect of caravanning including towing. It was always a pleasurable experience to visit the friendly staff on our several trips out to see the vans at Noels. We never felt pressured in anyway in regards to buying a caravan and nothing was too much trouble for Vince to talk things through with us and get the van that was best going to suit our needs as a couple.

Diedre & David

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Well after many months of researching, questioning, testing and more researching we ordered our new van to be built by Noels Caravans. We finally picked up our new van this week and it is beautiful. Many thanks to the awesome Vince for his patience & guidance.

Caren Brougham

Escape - Noel's Caravans (24)

We wanted to thank you for making our purchase of our beautiful new van so easy. Your professionalism, dedication and wonderful customer service is outstanding.So, a big thank you to you all for making our dream come true! Now for many happy years of travelling ahead.

Stephen & Marjo

Escape - Noel's Caravans (25)

Great people to deal with. Fantastic well designed and well built caravans. Not the cheapest around, however, peace of mind when dragging a rig around is everything. The fact that you can order a custom van with all the things you not only want, but need, such as grey water tank, in van heating etc is much better than having to do these add jobs afterwards is cheaper and less time consuming. Highly rated highly recommend.

D Seeley



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