Chandler Fashion Center (2022)

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  • 5Deanna M. 2 years ago

    Went to PF Changs had great lettuce wraps for free for my Birthday and a custom margarita

  • 5Kelly S. 2 years ago

    This mall is very convenient for us. I like the variety is stores. Love the access from Barnes & Noble directly to the kids play area. My sons love playing there and we are huge book geeks. It’s a great escape especially inside. Also big fan of some of the food there.

  • 5Martina G. 2 years ago

    In one extremely happy word SEE'S. Love that this mall has See's Candies

  • 5Rebecca C. 2 years ago

    Visionworks is managed by a very considerate and polite manager, Matt. Thank you for your help in making sure we received top notch service....great service.

  • 5Joseph F. 2 years ago

    Harkins pop up drive in great safe Saturday night date social distance a movie and all star Harkins service

  • 5Gregorio M. 2 years ago

    Amazing it goes from samurai swords to clothes to electronics basically everything you need

  • 5David Y. 2 years ago

    It’s nice to see this mall is still somewhat active with great stores!

  • 5Jorge Omar Jr. A. 2 years ago

    Back in 2007 X-MAS time we decided to visit Santa and take a family picture with the man that knows when u are naughty or nice.

  • 5Kristyn R. 2 years ago

    Great shopping for most things you're looking for. Good food court choices/variety. Fun stuff for kids. 2 floors, huge! Surrounded by awesome restaurants, Target, the freeways.

  • 5Kimberly F. 2 years ago

    Shuts down around 6pm on Sundays!

  • 5Josiah B. 2 years ago

    Nice clean mall. Went to Macy's to buy a Polo shirt and shorts. Bought the clothes, changed, and walked out wearing the new clothes.

  • 5Ryan M. 2 years ago

    Good Place

  • 5SaradaCashFlowHoney D. 2 years ago

    This mall is way better more store more clothes I will be moving back to Arizona in October

  • 5Marcos C. 2 years ago

    Staff was really friendly, and professional. On top of that, the steaks were out of this world!!

  • 5LaMonica L. 2 years ago

    Nice mall had a lot of stores, my grandson liked his teddy bear from Build-a Bear

  • 5britney l. 2 years ago

    Fun place to go. Especially with the corona virus, everyone is wearing a mask and you get to walk around in air conditioning, eat a good lunch, look at fun stores and enjoy family time. Here are some pictures of the fun stuff there

  • 5Dan D. 2 years ago


  • 5Jessica N. 2 years ago

    Super clean and they have a great selection of stores available.

  • 5Blake M. 2 years ago

    Fav mall

  • 5Brett M. 2 years ago

    Nice Mall

  • 5Morgan B. 2 years ago

    Great options of stores and lots of parking. Air conditioned inside which makes it great for summer.

  • 5Randy T. 2 years ago

    Went to the mall for some walking and shopping. Nice to see most stores open on the Weekend

  • 5Kai M. 2 years ago

    Can’t wait for all the stores to reopen.

  • 5Anna U. 2 years ago

    Awesome Place to Visit

  • 5Kevin E. 2 years ago

    Very nice mall

  • 5Dreams 2. 2 years ago

    Great place to hang out!!!!

  • 5Sophia G. 2 years ago

    Going today Chandler mall with my friends

  • 5Tamara V. 2 years ago

    I missed shopping ? lol ?

  • 5Steven A. 2 years ago


  • 5Nancy J. 2 years ago

    The Keg is FANTASTIC!!!

  • 5Lori Z. 2 years ago

    Lovely selections good sales great parking

  • 5Andrew R. 1 year ago

    One of the few malls that is still thriving with a variety of stores. Easily a one stop shopping experience for all your needs.

  • 5Tami B. 1 year ago

    I love the mall experience. It wasn't too crowded. Stores are practicing social distancing to keep their customers safe. It was enjoyable.

  • 5KAREN V. 1 year ago

    Great storesEveryone wearing masks and practicing social distancing

  • 5James J. 1 year ago

    Best and biggest mall around I recommend if you need anything you can definitely find it here great food court as well with large variety

  • 5Honor S. 1 year ago

    This is a wonderful mall with a lot of shopping diversity! Great restaurants, a movie theater and even a let adoption opportunity. I live an hour away and would make this drive again and again, it's worth it.

  • 5Reena D. 1 year ago

    I luv this mall😍 but my wallet def does not lol💸💸💸

  • 5Daniela E. 1 year ago

    We were impressed how well shoppers were limited to maintain safe occupancy in all the smaller stores in the mall. Everyone was very patient. A lot of cleaning personnel everywhere.

  • 5Bob F. 1 year ago

    Lots of choices

  • 5chandra s. 1 year ago

    I did some shopping at Dillard's.

  • 5Mohammad S. 1 year ago

    Sadia jewelry in Chandler mall . Nearby Macy’sWe haven a classics Jewelry , you guys can take it look .We can do reasonable price Some of them up to 50% off

  • 5esly f. 1 year ago

    Clean place to go and shop

  • 5Julian J. 1 year ago

    Very full mall with everything that I can think of. Reminds me of back home Michigan when I could find everything in one mall.

  • 5Rose G. 1 year ago

    Clean and Easy Shopping!

  • 5Laura G. 1 year ago

    Car friendly and lots of great stores

  • 5Sharon L. 1 year ago

    Went to enjoy Sunday brunch at the Cheesecake Factory and got seated right away (upside of the pandemic). My omelette was delicious and my daughter enjoyed a fried chicken eggs benedict waffle (actually two, since the meals are so made for taking half of them home)!

  • 5IAN M. 1 year ago

    Good mall with great shops for all the clothes and accessories I need to look my best. They also have some good electronic stores for the times I want some new toys to play with lol.

  • 5morgan s. 1 year ago

    Always awesome things to find. Things you don't know you need.

  • 5Carlos Garcia A. 1 year ago

    Nice place.

  • 5Charles G. 1 year ago

    I love this Mall.

  • 5Mary M. 1 year ago

    Good experience!! Everyone was being safe!!

  • 5Chuck B. 1 year ago

    Great place to get some food.

  • 5Michael F. 1 year ago

    Good place great area

  • 5T. 1 year ago

    Exquisite mall shopping experience

  • 5Carol S. 1 year ago

    Pretty nice and quiet today

  • 5Alban G. 1 year ago


  • 5Reagan K. 1 year ago

    Great for a day out of the house

  • 5Señor S. 1 year ago

    Love it here🙌

  • 5Sydney A. 1 year ago

    So many stores inside and outside, I absolutely love how many stores this place has. There is a store for everyone!

  • 5Chill T. 1 year ago

    Its a nice mall

  • 5James D. 1 year ago

    New Years day, we decided to go to benehanas for an early dinner, dumb timing, but our server was better than perfect, our chef, not to be outdone was also better than perfect. All this on New Years Day.

  • 5karla Flores f. 1 year ago

    I like it!

  • 5Gabriel Z. 1 year ago

    Relaxing place got my mom's a beautiful purse

  • 5tanisha j. 1 year ago

    I love that mall

  • 5Sharon H. 1 year ago

    Went to Macy’s to return some clothes my mil sent my kids. She got the wrong sizes… was able to return everything and get the amount refunded on a gift card so that I could go online and order the right sizes and styles the kids would like. Got there at 11am when the store opened and hardly anyone else was there. The lady who did the return was super nice and quick.

  • 5Carlos Baez (. 1 year ago

    The Japanese place is wayyyy better then the panda right across the way! Highly recommend it. Overall mall is nice but covid really killed the vibe of the place

  • 5karthik r. 1 year ago

    We are close by , mostly walkable to fashion mall , well organized and good place to hang out .

  • 5Matthew H. 1 year ago

    This is probably my favorite mall in the greater Phoenix area! It's super big and is still very busy on a regular basis, gives me mall vibes from the 90's, lots of life. Has a good mix of all the best stores, high end and mid range. Got 3 bags worth of stuff and spent under $100. I've been here a number of times and still don't think I've seen every store, but I'm not the all day shopping type. If you're looking for a place to go with friends or family, this is a great spot. Also supported by a large surrounding area of additional food places and stores!

  • 5Diana M. 1 year ago

    Great mall. There are lots of great stores here and food court is pretty nice. Lots of restaurants and shops around the mall as well.Most stores are higher end so I wouldn’t go here is you want bargain or cheaper items.

  • 5Lily K. 1 year ago

    Very nice! Mall is nice there! Should definitely visit

  • 5Wajid A. 1 year ago

    Very beautiful place

  • 5DoughBoy J. 8 months ago

    Always a great place to come shop at. Its never dirty and it has great stores for almost everyone. The food court also offer fantastic food. Chandler fashion center has to be one of the best malls in Arizona!

  • 5Kevin T. 6 months ago

    I love Chandler mall! It's most definitely a classy place to go. I would have to say it's my second favorite mall in Arizona. My first is fashion square in Scottsdale as far as class wise, more selection, way bigger facility, but also very busy and expensive.

  • 5Ann C. 6 months ago

    First time I have been to this location and the firsttime I have been to Spaghetti Factory in a very long time.We were a group of 13 celebrating a belated mothers day.So they gave us the backroom to our selves.Which ment could get up and move around if we wanted too.Our server was very friendly and helpful and the food was really good.

  • 5J P. 3 months ago

    Great mall! It has many stores that I like. We went to Crayola Experience. It was fun and we had a lot to do. The food court had a lot of great places to eat!

  • 5Kyle F. 4 months ago

    Love this mall… best in the East Valley. Always packed on Saturdays great vibe and atmosphere, shopping great too. As a teen its the go to place.

  • 5Ryan O. 5 months ago

    Very clean mall slow on Sundays perfect time to get your shopping out of the way just kidding everything's closed

  • 5FullTime X. 1 year ago

    Nice mall, all your usual stores. Lots of food court options and tables to sit at. Enjoyed the extra large chess set out front of the main entrance which was fun.A new electric car on display!Cool motorcycles for the kids to ride around on.Just an overall solid mall.

  • 5Matt B. 6 months ago

    Excellent 80s style mall! Our favorite in the south metro. Not saying its dated or anything, just saying there aren't lot of fully enclosed malls like those of the 1960s thru the mid 1990s anymore. We were 80s mall kids, so this place really takes us back, but with a modern, current feel at the same time. If you understand, no further explanation necessary. Check it out!

  • 5Roberto H. 3 months ago

    In this hotter 🔥 weather have been making the drive to the various enclosed shopping mall for some mall walking. This mall has some of the best open spaces. Art work and colorful well lit corridors allow for carefree strolling. A plus is the stores open and shopping can take place after my walking is done.

  • 5R. 2 months ago

    This was a really nice Mall. Easy access from the 101 and the 202. The frontage road taks you right to the Mall. It has plenty of parking all around the mall. The inside was decorated nice with small shops lining the center of the walk way. Sitting area with shops to serve you some specialized eating. It's a two story mall that was filled with stores. You can find everything one could ever be looking for. From clothes to furniture to shoes to big box stores. It was cool on the inside and made it enjoyable to stay the day and shop. I spent 4 hours walking and enjoying the selection of stores. If your in the area or coming from out of town you need to shop here. I know you will be glad you did. Make a day of it.

  • 4Mary O. 2 years ago

    Cool place to walk when it's 111°F outside!

  • 4L J. 2 years ago

    Despite covid-19, the mall was just as usual, but masked up. I'm so happy I could get in & get what I needed. Love this mall!

  • 4gina b. 2 years ago

    A very nice mall with a variety of different stores from high to middle end.

  • 4Rufina H. 2 years ago

    It's pretty good here

  • 4Michael M. 2 years ago


  • 4Solomon R. 2 years ago

    Beautiful and lots of shopping options

  • 4Bryant the O. 1 year ago

    Easy in and out location it's a great shopping center with a variety of different stores. You can go to larger fashion centers but the crowds can be hard to deal with. I found parking to be easy to find also

  • 4Joel L. 1 year ago

    Nice mall, has all the popular stores. I was expecting more Christmas decorations... Kinda surprised at businesses limiting people in stores, so people line up outside instead? Visit a mall before they become a thing of the past...

  • 4Quintin S. 1 year ago

    Come with a little patience. Lines at most stores but all and all good place. I got all I went to get!

  • 4Rylan K. 1 year ago

    flavored dog water

  • 4Paul Van G. 1 year ago

    Because of Covid I would assume that is way this place is low on people. They do have rules to wear face masks and people are obeying it. This is important to me. I really don't want to be around crowds ever but, doing this time avoid them. We had to go to Lenscrafters. Parking is plentiful and with a smartphone easy to find the store you are looking for in the large mall. All in all a good experience.

  • 4lawrence s. 1 year ago

    Lots of stores and easy to get around

  • 4Gerald M. 1 year ago

    Busy but good as always

  • 4Dani W. 1 year ago

    It was okay but what marred my experience was a parking lot incident. Just does not feel safe.

  • 4MAKARENA L. 1 year ago


  • 4M. 1 year ago

    Clean and will lit mall, a lot of shopping opinions.

  • 4J. 1 year ago

    Rubio's in the food court was good. Other places and some stores were closed on a Friday evening. Not sure what you are going to find when you get there. Call ahead if you're looking for something specific.

  • 4Jupiter W. 1 year ago

    A great mall, with plenty of stores and aisles to walk up and down to burn all those calories.

  • 4Kimberly S. 3 months ago

    It's been so long since I've been to the Chandler Mall that almost all the stores are different. My favorite was the Henna Shoppe. There were way fewer food court selections than I remember though. And the 2 restaurants we chose to get food from served up pretty flavorless dishes. Super disappointing.

  • 3Allison A. 2 years ago

    It's clean and comfortable. There's just a large amount of teens from open to close on weekends

  • 3D. B. 2 years ago

    Other than being hot that it was a good day at the mall.

  • 3Katie R. 2 years ago

    It's changed a lot since COVID. A lot of stores are closed.

  • 3Mark M. 2 years ago

    Pretty sad state, aside from the lines to get into a store whichisnt going to work long and the closed stores its pretty discouraging to even go there. The place was dirty too, the bathrooms were awful hadn't been cleaned in a while which you would think matters in a pandemic and the whole place was messy

  • 3Jayson A. 2 years ago

    Hope they make it.

  • 3Diana C. 1 year ago

    Great sales

  • 3Krisann M. 1 year ago

    Went to Subway to get A pastrami sandwich they do not have anymore? Or Roastbeef Huh!!!!

  • 3susana c. 1 year ago

    Good atmosphere inside. Have great restaurants inside and outside of the mall. Good selection of stores..the ones we like to shop.

  • 3Melissa S. 6 months ago

    I went here to get an eye exam at Lens Crafters. One of the gals at front desk has great customer service skills and is very accommodating. The store looks nice and everything. But the tech that worked with me was so motivated in making sure that she did all the checking to make sure everything was good with my insurance so that you guys get paid and that she will get paid, but didn't care one bit about trying to save me any money or calling my insurance to see why it was that at another eye glass store I could walk out paying next to zero, but at this store the least I was expected to pay was in the hundreds. I get an allotment of how much I can use each year and everything is100% covered up to that certain amount, but what she was showing me was completely foreign and she wasn't listening to what I was saying and didn't much care and took no interest in helping me any further once I told her I was not paying what she proposed because I knew better.

  • 3chandra s. 4 months ago

    I like that Victoria Secrets,Bath and body works, and What's up nails are right beside each stop shop!!! But the Bath and body works here doesn't have the selection of new, recently passed, and older secrets....I would like to see more clearance would make it more motivational for everybody to want to come visit....

  • 3Ryan S. 4 months ago

    The website does not point to the nearest restrooms. I’m outside Barnes & Noble and there’s a bathroom in there that doesn’t appear on the website. As a business part of the mall the restrooms need to be listed especially when the kids area is right out front would be beneficial as a parent.Adding. We got change to use the carousel outside Claire’s, however the machine is broken with no notice on the machine. Lights on and everything.

  • 3Phoenix Rising Psychic M. 2 weeks ago

    It’s a nice mall on its last legs. It kinda feels dated but not completely. The shops are decent but food could use some updating. I always feel safe and let our kids go. It’s never been busy when I’ve gone.

  • 2Thomas M. 1 year ago

    A confusing maze of overpriced stores made more confusing by an Inexplicable lack of Directories at entryways and walkways.

  • 1Joel G. 2 years ago

    This location is closed temporarily.

  • 1t. 1 year ago

    The store CUTTING EDGE is selling large razor sharp knives to children.My son came home with a huge knife. I took it to the store owner and he told me " there is no law restricting the sale" .Chandler Cops sargent said yep no law. Insane!

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