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Many animals, especially those which are strongly associated with a particular culture or mythology, are widely believed to possess certain symbolic values. If you’ve ever seen a barn owl, you know what an awesome creature it is. What does a barn owl symbolize?

Owls are the type of animals that like to remain hidden and are quite secretive. They have better eyesight than most animals, which means the canto hunt in complete darkness. This is why in many cultures these owls symbolize listening, productivity, mystery, and intuition.

I hope this answer gave you an idea of the barn owl symbolism. Keep reading for more information on the topic, as the rest of the article covers the subject of the barn owl and its spiritual meaning, the different meanings between a white and a black barn owl, and more.


  • 1 Barn owl symbolism and meaning
    • 1.1 1. Wisdom
    • 1.2 2. Listening
    • 1.3 3. Intuition
    • 1.4 4. Darkness
    • 1.5 5. Silence
    • 1.6 6. Mystique
  • 2 Barn owl native American symbolism – How do they view barn owls
  • 3 What does it mean when a barn owl crosses your path?
  • 4 What does it mean to see a barn owl?
  • 5 Seeing a barn owl at night meaning
  • 6 Seeing a barn owl during the day
  • 7 Barn owl spiritual meaning
  • 8 White barn owl meaning
  • 9 Black barn owl meaning
  • 10 Barn owl feather meaning
  • 11 Is the barn owl symbol of death?
  • 12 Barn owl meaning in dreams
  • 13 Is barn owl a bad omen?
  • 14 Barn owl totem
  • 15 Barn owl power animal
  • 16 Barn owl spirit animal – Are barn owls your guides
  • 17 Barn owl tattoo meaning
  • 18 Final thoughts

Barn owl symbolism and meaning

Barn Owl Symbolism: Hidden Meaning of Barn Owls - About Spiritual (1) Share it on PinterestThis species of owls have excellent hearing and not much sight.

Their eyes are very large in proportion to their body size so that they can detect small movements of prey at great distances in poor light conditions.

They also have asymmetrical ear openings which allow them to pinpoint sound sources with pinpoint accuracy, which is useful when hunting prey by sound alone.

Barn owl symbolism carries energies of wisdom and protection in many cultures around the world.

In some traditions, these owls represent wisdom because it is believed that they only hunt at night so that their prey cannot see them coming before it’s too late!

Barn owl symbolism is deeply rooted in wisdom and is therefore also connected to insight and intuition.

Is a barn owl your spirit animal? Owls can help you identify unseen things and become more intuitive on your path.

Owls are a reminder to keep learning and growing in wisdom.

But generally speaking, the barn owl meaning is a symbol of wisdom, listening, intuition, darkness, silence, and mystique.

Below, I dive deeper into each meaning, so you can discover what these owls represent.

1. Wisdom

The barn owl is a frequently used symbol of wisdom and knowledge.

This is because owls are wise and intelligent birds who often hunt at night, have good hearing and excellent sight, and have a very good memory.

The barn owl’s ability to remember where it has stored its prey, as well as its keen eyesight makes it an ideal symbol for those seeking wisdom.

In Greek mythology, Athena was said to be the goddess of wisdom and war.

The barn owl is Athena’s sacred bird. The Romans called it Minerva, also a name for their goddess of wisdom.

If you are seeing an owl in your dreams, it means that you are on a path of wisdom, but you must continue on that path.

Keep learning, and keep growing as a spiritual person.

2. Listening

Along with their perfect sight, they also have good hearing and are amazing listeners.

Their ears are placed disproportionately, which gives them the ability to listen to sounds all around them.

Owls have one of the best hearing out of all animal species.

At night, when they search for prey, they have to rely on their senses.

They are capable of hearing deeper sounds, meaning they can hear even the smallest movement.

This is of course a huge advantage over many other animals who hunt at night.

These are the reasons why barn owl symbolism includes the power of listening.

I should add here that they prefer to stay quiet (to not scare away their prey), but they can raise their voices to the point of scaring anything that might be around them at that point.

3. Intuition

The barn owl is a very powerful symbol of intuition. This is because the barn owl is known to be extremely intelligent and fierce when it comes to protecting its nest.

The barn owl also has many positive qualities that make it a good symbol of intuition and wisdom. It’s smart, fierce, silent, and mysterious.

These traits make it an excellent symbol for intuition because they describe how we feel when we have an intuition about something or someone in our lives but can’t explain why we feel that way or what exactly our intuition is telling us about them or what they mean to us.

This bird represents an inner knowing that we can trust ourselves and our intuition. As humans, we are often seeking wisdom from outside sources.

However, our intuition holds all the answers we need to live fulfilled lives. And it also gives a great advantage in life, as it opens up new dimensions.

4. Darkness

The barn owl is commonly associated with darkness. Owls are nocturnal birds and prefer to hunt at night.

In addition to being nocturnal hunters, owls have incredible hearing abilities that allow them to hunt their prey even when there isn’t much light available for them to see.

Their hearing allows them to hear their prey from far away so they can get close enough before attacking it so they don’t get hurt themselves.

Therefore, people who have this animal as a totem are usually very secretive and introspective.

They can be very private about their feelings and thoughts, but they also need time to themselves every to feel happy and calm.

If you are dreaming of a barn owl, it can be interpreted as lurking in the darkness, meaning something you’re not yet aware of is present.

However, the barn owl’s shriek often represents a source of terror for people.

This means that the animal can appear to you when you are afraid of something.

5. Silence

The barn owl is a symbol of silence because it is a nocturnal creature that prefers to move around at night so as not to be seen by other animals or humans.

We also associate this bird with silence because they do not make any sound while hunting for food or looking for a place to nest; they hunt by using their keen sense of smell instead.

They only make noise when they absolutely must, if they are in danger for example.

But generally, they take an observer’s role in the forest.

Silence goes hand in hand with the bird’s wisdom – they know when to stay quiet and when to make a noise.

If you see a barn owl in a dream, it could represent that you need to be more present and quiet.

It is a sign to meditate or journal to reflect and find balance in your life.

6. Mystique

The barn owl symbolism reflects mystique because it has been described as mysterious and elusive.

The barn owl flies silently through the air at night searching for prey with its eyesight alone.

It then swoops down onto its prey and kills it with its powerful talons before carrying it back to its nest to feed its young.

This is why they are often referred to as “The Silent Hunter”. As such, they are very rarely seen.

They will hide and only come out and strike when they need to.

But, you can hear them often as they have a distinct shriek that rips through the night.

Because they hide, many creatures forget they are even there, especially humans.

But owls are always watching and listening to their surroundings.

This is why they have a strong level of mystique about them.

They are sort of in the shadows, aware of everything, but others are rarely aware of them.

Barn owl native American symbolism – How do they view barn owls

Barn Owls are a species native to North America.

They are one of the few species that have adapted to living in urban areas as well as rural areas.

The bird has many different characteristics which makes it a very symbolic bird in Native American culture.

The barn owl is often considered a symbol of wisdom and knowledge.

The Native Americans believe that the barn owl has a deep understanding of all things in life, which makes it a wise animal to have around you.

In some tribes, the barn owl Native American symbolism is even seen as referring to death and destruction.

This is because when an owl appears, it usually means something bad will happen soon.

Some tribes also believe that this bird accompanies the dead on their journey to their afterlife and that hearing the hooting was an unlucky omen.

Other tribes associate the barn owl symbolism with ghosts and lost souls.

They believed the owls were sending messages from their ancestors to warn them.

Not all tribes see owls as a bad omen though.

Some Native American cultures use them as clan animals, especially on the northwest coast.

What does it mean when a barn owl crosses your path?

Barn Owl Symbolism: Hidden Meaning of Barn Owls - About Spiritual (2) Share it on PinterestI have covered the different meanings that a barn owl can trigger, but what does it mean when a barn owl crosses your path?

When a barn owl crosses your path, it’s not a coincidence as its symbolic meanings are very important and I am about to tell you why.

This bird is an important messenger from the Divine realm and has been sent to you to guide you.

The barn owl is a symbol of intuition and it will help you see things that you may not have seen until now.

Both your intuition and vision will be heightened and you will see your reality with more clarity.

This animal is also a sign of change, so be prepared for some sort of transformation shortly.

What does it mean to be prepared? Start by being mindful about everything that you are doing and above all practice gratitude.

When a barn owl crosses your path, you are encouraged to acknowledge all your abilities.

You might not know you have them yet, because they have remained hidden, but trust the owl, they are there.

You are being shown your potential and how to reach it. Use that energy inside you and bloom.

What does it mean to see a barn owl?

You now know what it means when a barn owl crosses your path, but let’s now see what it means to see a barn owl.

Barn owls enjoy solitude, and unlike other owls, they prefer to keep to themselves.

They have a higher sight ability, which gives them an edge in comparison to other animals.

Even without any light, they can spot their prey instantly.

They are wise animals and if you spot them, it is quite a special moment.

They are associated with productivity, intuition, and listening, but also mystery due to their nocturnal habits.

Seeing a barn owl at night meaning

I have written about barn owls being animals who thrive during the night.

Seeing a barn owl at night meaning can be haunting.

This sighting reveals something hidden about your life.

You may not have shared this information with anyone.

If you have been seeing a barn owl at night, the moment signals an experience that you decided was better kept a secret.

The occurrence of spotting a barn owl during the night also marks something else, and that is the end of the season.

As mornings are indicators of beginnings, nights are of endings.

Seeing a barn owl during the day

Seeing a barn owl during the day is a rare occurrence.

Owls are nocturnal creatures, so it’s not usual to see an owl in the daytime.

Many different meanings are resonating with a barn owl, as we saw in previous sections, so it might be quite difficult to determine which meaning applies to your sighting.

The interpretation is however heavily influenced by your current situation or rather the context you saw the owl in.

Depending on how the sighting occurred, we can interpret the meaning.

As I said, spotting a barn owl during the day is not a common thing.

Not just because they are night creatures but also because they are very elusive animals.

This makes your sighting even more peculiar.

It is believed that this moment was a sign from the Universe that there are higher forces at work for you.

One of the possible meanings can be to pay more attention to everything that is happening around you, may that be your thoughts or certain situations.

The owl was there to remind you of something you may not think is important yet.

There is an awakening waiting to happen. But for now, the barn owl was signaling some sort of imbalance on your path.

Barn owl spiritual meaning

The barn owl’s spiritual meaning is one of patience and wisdom.

The barn owl is a nocturnal bird that relies on its hearing rather than sight.

This makes it an excellent listener, which is what makes this bird so wise.

The barn owl is often seen as a spiritual messenger from the spirit world because it appears in times of great need or distress.

It represents the death of old beliefs and ways of thinking, which allows those who are open to change and new ideas to move forward into new life experiences.

This sacred creature also symbolizes the ability to see beyond appearances into the truth behind things.

The barn owl is a very spiritual animal, so it represents wisdom and intuition.

It can see in the dark, but not directly at light sources as other birds do; this shows that we must rely on our inner light instead of external ones when searching for truth and knowledge.

The barn owl also comes out at night when no other animals are around.

This reflects how we need to spend time alone with our spiritual thoughts instead of always being surrounded by people who might not understand our needs as well as they think they do.

The barn owl takes advantage of all opportunities that come its way.

This is what makes the barn owl such a powerful symbol.

It exemplifies the idea that we should take advantage of every situation we can in life, even if it seems like it may not be worth our time or effort.

You may be in a spiritual environment that isn’t ideal or one that doesn’t appeal to you at first glance.

However, if you take some time to look around and explore your surroundings more carefully, then you might find something worthwhile there after all!

White barn owl meaning

The white barn owl’s meaning resonates with wisdom and protection.

The white barn owl is a symbol of insight, intelligence, and foresight.

It is often seen as a guardian spirit, taking care of its human counterparts.

People who believe in magic often use white owls as talismans for good luck or protection from evil forces during rituals or ceremonies held at night when these birds are most active.

In Arabic culture, a white barn owl is associated with being a messenger of the gods.

Wherever it is, people tend to pay attention to what it tries to deliver to them.

In African culture, the white barn owl symbolism is linked to protection.

If a white barn owl circles around your head, you are protected against negativity or other evil.

In Chinese culture, this bird signifies wisdom and protection.

In this culture, they believe that the eyes of a white barn owl can turn away the evil eye of jealousy.

Black barn owl meaning

Have you been seeing a black barn owl in your dreams, real life, or vision?

No matter where the black barn owl’s meaning remains the same.

This is a sign of your battle with people who have low vibrational energy. They are draining you with their demons.

It is now time to focus on yourself and your intentions and let the people who tire you go.

Let them be in their negativity while you shift towards your needs.

As long as you do what benefits your well-being and you remain true to your heart, all will be well.

Rise above those who tell you that you can’t do something.

The black barn owl symbolism might also mean that you will come in contact with someone who already possesses these skills.

This will be a sign that you need to work with this person, be their friend, and learn from them.

Barn owl feather meaning

The barn owl feather meaning reflects the wisdom and psychic abilities.

The barn owl feather is used by shamans to help them communicate with their ancestors too to gain insight into the future or past events that may have occurred within their family lineages.

It can also be used to help them connect with other spirits who may be able to guide important decisions they need to make in life.

The barn owl feather is a good luck charm when found.

It is believed to bring good luck to the finder, but it can also be used as a talisman.

But it’s not only good luck that will follow you. Owl feathers are seen to be a symbol of protection and healing.

Finding a barn owl feather means that an owl has accepted your request for guidance and it will help you through some challenging situations.

Is the barn owl symbol of death?

There is one persistent meaning that comes from many cultures regarding barn owls. The barn owl is a symbol of death.

In the Middle East, owls are linked to ruins, destruction, and death.

These creatures are believed to be a representation of the souls of those who died without being avenged.

If an owl was seen, these casualties were foretold before the battle.

If the hoot of an owl was heard, a bad day was imminent.

Another sighting is quite morbid. If you see an owl on someone’s house, someone living under that roof will pass away.

In Asia, some groups also believed that the barn owl was a connection to a god of death.

The one who would carry one’s soul away after death.

The Chinese however, would see an owl sighting as a need to dig a grave.

In Christianity, owls are symbols of evil and they are linked to Satan.

Barn owl meaning in dreams

In dreams, the barn owl represents a powerful force that you can call upon when you need help with a difficult situation or problem.

The barn owl may appear in your dreams if you are ignoring your instincts or intuition.

Perhaps you’re not listening to your feelings or needs in a situation or relationship.

You might also be afraid of expressing your emotions or talking about what’s bothering you with someone else.

Alternatively, the barn owl meaning in dreams can signify a profound spiritual awakening or transformation in your life, as well as increased insight into life’s mysteries.

The appearance of this bird could also mean that you have the power to see things from another perspective or gain insight into hidden truths about yourself or others around you.

If you see it in your dream, then you can expect some important changes in your life or some major decisions that will affect your future.

If you dream that you see an owl flying around but don’t feel afraid of it, then this can mean that you are going through some kind of transformation in life.

It can also mean you recently experienced some important changes in your life that have made you stronger than before.

Is barn owl a bad omen?

After what I said about barn owls being symbols of death in some cultures, you’re now probably wondering whether a barn owl bad omen is present.

Barn Owl is a good omen and a symbol of wisdom. This bird is a sign of health and prosperity.

It represents good luck and happiness, as it brings a deep sense of positivity, optimism, and overall hope for a better future.

So next time you see a barn owl, take it as a good sign, a sign that good things are on their way.

Your life will be filled with wisdom and good energy.

Barn owl totem

The barn owl totem carries a strong meaning and has high vibrations. It is a symbol that holds protective attributes of this special bird.

The totem, therefore, serves as a helpful and guiding force that helps to manifest more wisdom, protection, and intuition into one’s life.

The barn owl totem will also help you gain more independence and aid you when you will need to spend some time alone to expand on your intuitive insights.

One thing you can do to help you achieve that is to mediate with the totem nearby, so its energy can transfer to you.

Barn owl power animal

Is a barn owl your totem or spirit animal?

You are most likely someone who enjoys exploring things that are unknown or not on the surface level.

Something quite interesting is the mysteries of life, those moments that seem hidden to normal observers.

A barn owl power animal is surely one to guide you towards an appreciation for life’s magic.

If a barn owl shows up in front of you, you must look up and listen for any signs that are surrounding you.

Your power animal will be of great help when you need to be more attentive to certain things that you don’t yet know are important.

A barn owl will act as a guide to uncover those abilities of yours that haven’t surfaced yet.

Do you feel like you need to reveal more of your intuitive nature?

Focus on your energy and breathwork.

Barn owl spirit animal – Are barn owls your guides

The barn owl is considered to be highly spiritual because they can see things that humans cannot see with their physical eyesight or other senses.

They also have a very strong connection with death and dying, which makes them an important guide for those who need help dealing with death or loss.

Below are some of the traits if you feel you have a barn owl spirit animal.

You easily see through deception and recognize hidden meanings.

You are quite the observer, but not only of what is on the surface.

This animal is a symbol of wisdom and this reflects onto you as well.

You are capable of making intelligent decisions that are not based on your emotion, but rather on wisdom and intuition.

Owls hunt during the night. This is connected to the deeper areas of your life.

Do not be afraid to face your fears and dive deep into the darker places.

Barn owl tattoo meaning

The barn owl is a majestic creature that has been admired for centuries.

Its large size, beautiful feathers, and unique appearance make it one of the most popular birds to get inked on your skin.

A barn owl tattoo’s meaning can resonate with different things for different people, but mostly it is connected to those who value wisdom or mystery.

The barn owl is a symbol of wisdom, intelligence, and perception.

It is believed that this bird represents seeing into the future and knowing what is coming before it happens.

Many people believe that if you wear or carry something with an owl on it then you will become smarter.

This is also the animal that is connected with intuition.

A tattoo of this bird would mean that that person is very intuitive and can see deception from afar.

Final thoughts

The barn owl is the most spiritually evolved of all birds. They are guardians, teachers, and revealers of wisdom.

They are sensitive to the energy that surrounds us and observes us intently.

These owls teach us to observe our surroundings with compassion, being cautious but not afraid.

The barn owl symbolism stems from wisdom and intuition and is a very good omen if crossed.

Have some more questions on the topic of barn owl symbolism?

Please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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