2023 NFL Mock Draft 2.0: Ravens' Lamar Jackson, Packers' Jordan Love get WRs in CBS Sports HQ live mock (2023)

CBS Sports' NFL draft experts determine which players are going where in next month's draft

By Josh Edwards

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It was a very special Mock Draft Monday, and that's because CBS Sports HQ brought you a live mock draft of the first round for the 2023 NFL Draft. What are the options facing your favorite team in this year's draft? Former longtime Minnesota Vikings GM Rick Spielman, former NFL QB Danny Kanell and NFL Draft analyst Ryan Wilson went through every pick in Round 1.

We're bringing you a quick look at the results right now, but you can also scroll through our live blog below to get analysis of all the picks as they were made.

Mock Draft results

  1. Carolina Panthers: QB Bryce Young, Alabama
  2. Houston Texans: QB C.J. Stroud, Ohio State
  3. Arizona Cardinals: EDGE Will Anderson Jr, Alabama
  4. Indianapolis Colts: QB Anthony Richardson, Florida
  5. Seattle Seahawks: DT Jalen Carter, Georgia
  6. Las Vegas Raiders (via mock trade with Lions) - QB Will Levis, Kentucky
  7. Detroit Lions (via Raiders) - EDGE Tyree Wilson, Texas Tech
  8. Atlanta Falcons: CB Christian Gonzalez, Oregon
  9. Chicago Bears: OT Paris Johnson Jr., Ohio State
  10. Philadelphia Eagles: EDGE Myles Murphy, Clemson
  11. Tennessee Titans: OT Peter Skoronski, Northwestern
  12. Houston Texans: EDGE Lukas Van Ness, Iowa
  13. New York Jets: OT Broderick Jones, Georgia
  14. New England Patriots: CB Joey Porter Jr., Penn State
  15. Green Bay Packers: WR Jordan Addison, USC
  16. Washington Commanders: CB Devon Witherspoon, Illinois
  17. Pittsburgh Steelers - S Brian Branch, Alabama
  18. Baltimore Ravens (via Lions) - WR Quentin Johnston, TCU
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: LB Drew Sanders, Arkansas
  20. Seattle Seahawks: OG O'Cyrus Torrence, Florida
  21. Jacksonville Jaguars: OT Darnell Wright, Tennessee
  22. Detroit Lions (via mock trade with Ravens): CB Deonte Banks, Maryland
  23. Minnesota Vikings: WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Ohio State
  24. Los Angeles Chargers: TE Michael Mayer, Notre Dame
  25. Kansas City Chiefs (via mock trade with Giants): OT Dawand Jones, Ohio State
  26. Dallas Cowboys: TE Luke Musgrave, Oregon State
  27. Buffalo Bills: RB Bijan Robinson, Texas
  28. Cincinnati Bengals: CB Kelee Ringo, Georgia
  29. New Orleans Saints: WR Zay Flowers, Boston College
  30. Philadelphia Eagles: DT Bryan Bresee, Clemson
  31. New York Giants (via mock trade with Chiefs): C John Michael Schmitz, Minnesota
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(Video) 2023 NFL Mock Draft: Bryce Young to the PANTHERS, Anthony Richardson to the SEAHAWKS | CBS Sports


Thank you all for tuning into tonight's show breaking down Ryan Wilson's latest mock draft. If you want more mock draft coverage and a look at our prospect rankings, you can find those on CBSSports.com! Have a great night!

Mock drafts

Prospect rankings


They are wrapping up the broadcast now, but here are picks 21-31.

21. Jaguars - Darnell Wright, OT, Tennessee
22. Lions (via Ravens) - Deonte Banks, CB, Maryland
23. Vikings - Jaxon Smith-Njigba, WR, Ohio State
24. Chargers - Michael Mayer, TE, Notre Dame
25. Chiefs (via Giants) - Dawand Jones, OT, Ohio State
26. Cowboys - Luke Musgrave, TE, Oregon State
27. Bills - Bijan Robinson, RB, Texas
28. Bengals - Kelee Ringo, CB, Georgia
29. Saints - Zay Flowers, WR, Boston College
30. Eagles - Bryan Bresee, DT, Clemson
31. Giants (via Chiefs) - John Michael Schmitz, C, Minnesota

Here is Ryan's full mock draft and explanations for each pick.


For those that missed picks 11-20 on the broadcast, here they are:

11. Titans - Peter Skoronski, OT, Northwestern
12. Texans - Lukas Van Ness, EDGE, Iowa
13. Jets - Broderick Jones, OT, Georgia
14. Patriots - Joey Porter Jr., CB, Penn State
15. Packers - Jordan Addison, WR, USC
16. Commanders - Devon Witherspoon, CB, Illinois
17. Steelers - Brian Branch, S, Alabama
18. Ravens (via Lions) - Quentin Johnston, WR, TCU
19. Buccaneers - Drew Sanders, LB, Arkansas
20. Seahawks - O'Cyrus Torrence, OG, Florida


Rick is talking about New England being desperate for an offensive tackle and I agree with him. Isaiah Wynn is still a free agent so they could theoretically bring him back but it felt as though that ship sailed last season. Trenton Brown is slated to return at right tackle and Riley Reiff was signed in free agency. Offensive tackle is a big need for them.


Quick recap:

1. Panthers - Bryce Young, QB, Alabama
2. Texans - C.J. Stroud, QB, Ohio State
3. Cardinals - Will Anderson Jr., EDGE, Alabama
4. Colts - Anthony Richardson, QB, Florida
5. Seahawks - Jalen Carter, DT, Georgia
6. Raiders (via Lions) - Will Levis, QB, Kentucky
7. Lions (via Raiders) - Tyree Wilson, EDGE, Texas Tech
8. Falcons - Christian Gonzalez, CB, Oregon
9. Bears - Paris Johnson Jr., OT, Ohio State
10. Eagles - Myles Murphy, EDGE, Clemson

(Video) LATEST 2023 NFL Mock Draft: FOUR QBs Go In First Ten Picks I CBS Sports


Philadelphia sticks to its tendencies at takes Clemson edge rusher Myles Murphy with the No. 10 overall selection. Murphy joins a loaded Philly front with Brandon Graham, Josh Sweat, Derek Barnett, and Haason Reddick is one wants to include him.

I love Murphy's size and athleticism. I think he has a high ceiling. I was disappointed that he did not take a step forward on film this season.


With the No. 9 overall selection, after trading back from No. 1 overall, Chicago selects Ohio State offensive lineman Paris Johnson Jr. Johnson played guard for the Buckeyes in 2021 and moved over to left tackle this season. The Bears had a effective rookie at left tackle (Braxton Jones) last season so it would be interesting to see if he gets moved over to the right side.


The Falcons add Oregon cornerback Christian Gonzalez with the No. 8 overall selection; that is a tremendous pairing with A.J. Terrell. Some of the other notable prospects available:

Lukas Van Ness, EDGE, Iowa
Myles Murphy, EDGE, Clemson
Bryan Bresee, DT, Clemson
Peter Skoronski, OL, Northwestern
Bijan Robinson, RB, Texas


Detroit takes Texas Tech edge rusher Tyree Wilson No. 7 overall. Wilson is the third defender off the board with Alabama's Will Anderson Jr. and Georgia's Jalen Carter going earlier.


TRADE! Raiders move up to No. 6 overall to select Kentucky quarterback Will Levis. Las Vegas may have felt sleepers teams like Atlanta and Tennessee potentially lingering and decided to take matters into their own hands. Jimmy Garoppolo was signed this off-season to be a stop gap in Josh McDaniels' scheme.

Of note, the Lions traded down bypassing an opportunity to take a quarterback themselves.


Danny Kanell makes a great point about perspective and situation. It is easy to pick players from a distance. It is entirely different to be an NFL general manager with your job on the line making these picks. Locker room culture and fit has to be considered.


(Video) 2023 NFL Mock Draft: TWO Full Rounds with TRADES

With the No. 5 overall selection, Seattle selects Georgia defensive lineman Jalen Carter. Carter is a fantastic young player with some off-field red flags to sort through. He slides in next to free agent acquisition Dre'Mont Jones.


Quick recap:

1. Panthers - Bryce Young, QB, Alabama
2. Texans - C.J. Stroud, QB, Ohio State
3. Cardinals - Will Anderson Jr., EDGE, Alabama
4. Colts - Anthony Richardson, QB, Florida
5. Seahawks - Jalen Carter, DT, Georgia


A third quarterback is taken at Indianapolis takes Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson. Richardson has the highest ceiling and lowest floor among the perceived top quarterback prospects. He delivered a performance unlike any that we have seen from a quarterback at the NFL Combine.


Arizona takes Alabama edge rusher Will Anderson Jr. with the No. 3 overall selection. Anderson is the safest prospect in this draft class in my opinion. There is a lot of talk about Georgia defensive tackle Jalen Carter and Texas Tech edge rusher Tyree Wilson but the floor is much higher for Anderson. He is an important piece for the Cardinals to begin that rebuild under first year head coach Jonathan Gannon.


With the No. 2 overall selection, Ryan has the Houston Texans taking Ohio State quarterback C.J. Stroud. Stroud really showed out in Indianapolis at the NFL Combine. Quarterbacks have now been taken 1-2. Florida's Anthony Richardson and Kentucky's Will Levis are the next best available quarterbacks.


Ryan has Carolina taking Alabama quarterback Bryce Young No. 1 overall. Personally, I have Young rated as my top quarterback prospect because of his natural feel for the game, leadership and ability to make plays off platform.

HOWEVER, I think it would be naïve to rule out any of these four quarterbacks. Traditionally, Panthers head coach Frank Reich prefers a bigger-framed quarterback.


Hello, everyone and thank you for joining us for tonight's coverage of the CBS Sports HQ mock draft.


(Video) 2023 NFL Mock Draft: Quarterbacks Taken in First Round, Prospects to Watch + MORE | CBS Sports HQ

We're about ready to get started with tonight's live Mock Draft 2.0.


In his latest mock draft, @ryanwilsonCBS has four teams trading up in Round 1, including the Raiders doing so for a QB -- despite having just signed Jimmy Garoppolo.https://t.co/EQkXE8leCL

— Kyle Stackpole (@kylefstackpole) March 20, 2023

2023 NFL Mock Draft: Ravens, Chiefs among four teams to trade up in post-free agency edition

2023 NFL Mock Draft 2.0: Ravens' Lamar Jackson, Packers' Jordan Love get WRs in CBS Sports HQ live mock (2)

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